You know nothing

False truths

There is a strange belief in words as proof of whatever people like to be true. And there is a strange need to want to proof something with words, as if that’s a guarantee it makes something true. I focus on how some seem to think they master a skill called  ‘reading between the lines’ , while all they do is construct their own make believe and wannabe truths. Ygritte from the famous series Game of Thrones said to Jon Snow: “You know nothing Jon Snow”, when he claims to have enough knowledge and wisdom about life.  But Ygritte tackles him with her own simple truth, that he has no clue what he is speaking about and has no clue about Ygritte’s life and how he cannot just claim to be wise enough to know all as outsider who only just arrived in a community that is not his. Trying to be superior with words, trying to pretend to know what others think, feel and need is arrogant and dumb. To think you can read between the lines while not being truly involved with someone else’s life, is only proof of overestimating your own skills. Or maybe you just need a certain truth to feel okay. It can be comforting I suppose, to have a false truth over not knowing anything.


Second life truths

Since this blog has Second Life as main focus it is maybe interesting to look at how truth works in that environment. I guess most of us try to create a profile that shows who and how we are. The way people do that differs of course. Many use quotes, which can be nice but also deceiving, because it’s another person’s life and wisdom it comes from and we cannot just copy paste that into our own life. Some create a profile that is all about being a saint who never makes mistakes. Some use humour and sarcasm, to kind of show the insanity of SL maybe, which makes me laugh yes, because they at least show a raw side and I rather read that than quotes only or perfection and saint like statements. When mentioning something about SL drama it basically tells me you had a lot of drama and now pretend to be free of it or like to believe that shouting ‘NO DRAMA!’ will actually prevent it from happening. When needing aggressive, defensive statements on others (all bad they did to you) as main element in a profile it tells me you need more RL to heal from your wounds. When eager to share victim/survivor statements all over your profile, as a ‘poor me, look how hard my life has been’ story , it tells me you seek recognition and confirmation too much in a dangerous environment. Second Life will not heal you. When the profile is all about sex, well,  what to say, you are free to consume it and I guess you need it for some reason, but to me feels a bit shallow really to use SL for that. When being the all over art expert in your profile it tells me you like to be famous in SL, because RL fame is hard to get. And so on, and so on  . . .

Interpretation and perception

My RL picture in my SL profile

But what I read in a profile is not always what it means of course. It is my way of reading it. I construct conclusions and it is all about perception and how I like to explain a text, or even a picture. And it can be very wrong. In most cases I simply know nothing, and I am aware of that. I can jump to wrong conclusions or have my personal preoccupations, that do no justice to what others really say and mean. However, it also is possible I am closer to a truth than people wish to admit themselves ; ) The same can happen when people read my profile(s) on both my accounts. Some will see my profile as pretentious, not real and not nice. Some will see my picks and other information as proof of wanting attention on what I placed there. And the picture that currently shows in my RL section of the Second Life profile (together with a YouTube link and this blog) can be explained in so many ways, it almost is bound to cause misunderstandings and false assumptions. Maybe I married the SL partner in RL. Maybe we met and had sex. Maybe I just play with pictures and stuff to fool others. Maybe our love is over and omg I need him so it drives me crazy and makes me put a picture there. Especially on the subject of relations and love, Second Life is a really good place to make people ‘read between the lines’ in their own way. They start to make up stories based on one single picture and one line of text. Ooooh look, he/she deleted a picture of him/her!! It must be over!! Oh nooo, it’s back now, maybe they talk again??  What the fuck? And when it concerns exes reading a profile of a new boy or girl, then this cocktail of reading what they wish to read, becomes especially strong and probably toxic, because it fucks up their mind with jealousy, hope and illusions.



This blog

My blog also renders different interpretations. Some think I stopped blogging. Some think I started to dislike blogging. Some think I am away from SL. I was asked if I stopped with my sim because of a love gone wrong. None of it is true and all are assumptions ; ) Funny how people think to know why I act like I act and read something different than is written. As for the blog: My need for blogging simply changed. Mostly because of RL changes and also because I tend to be less social in SL than I used to be. More on a distance and my own, less into art scenes and events. I even consider to stop the blog next year, to save costs for something I use very little at the moment. Most of the time I have an anti-war in Ukraine cover activated as main statement I wish to make and that’s more important than any of my personal blah blah anyway.


I think that to be able to feel okay in a world like SL and all it generates you need a strong ability to resist to paranoia. Especially when you are vulnerable (damaged minds), I think Second Life can be a bitch. On one hand it may seem like an open minded friendly place where you can share all you wish to share ( people often want to share their life story), but when shit happens in SL there is little left of that feeling to be seen, appreciated and supported. It then needs a lot of strength and wisdom to survive your own mind, more than other people’s minds. Blaming, naming and shaming will grant a form of satisfaction for a while, giving you the feeling (illusion) you are in control, but after that you will face the fact of being left to yourself by others you thought you could trust and wanted to trust or with who you somehow created a false reality yourself and not seeing it or not wanting to see it.

Whatever the why and how and whodunit, it eventually makes many people lose control, because then the blunt reality kicks in. The one of loss, sadness, anger, pain, often unresolved and no closure. To not get stuck in that, you need a very strong mind and a very healthy RL as backup. To know your life and happiness do not depend on what happened nor ends because of what happened. I think in many cases that’s where it goes wrong, when people become bitter, defensive, aggressive and distrustful. When SL rules your RL mood in that way too much, maybe SL is not the place to be. Or maybe at least take a break to heal before getting involved again. To let go of a past is hard enough already in RL. To let go of a past in SL is no different and needs time. I have had my pasts as well of course, RL and SL both. Like anyone has. And I learned it’s useless to chase after something that has reached its end, also when you did not want it to end yourself. When the other wishes it to end you cannot do magic and make it unhappen. Anyway, all I can say is   . . .  be careful and stay sane when shit happens and don’t chase a past that has no future anymore.

And yes I am fine ty :)

I never have drama and I never have love issues and shit. I am perfect and everybody’s ideal person. So why would I not be fine? Oh wait no, I am a horrible person no one loves and I mess up every relation and hate all my exes. The ones I still love better be careful to not neglect me because my revenge will be fast and furious naturally. No, seriously, I am fine. Still in love with someone horrible and someone horrible is still in love with me as well. Ermm what? Horrible?  Hmm, how does that work? That’s a riddle! For who like to practice their ‘Read between the lines’ skills. So if you see someone horrible pop up in my profile it might be wise to cast your personal tabloid spells on me, to make it all come true what you wish and need to believe. Maybe my RL needs SL counselling instead of SL needing RL counselling. To know what I miss in RL and therefore can search in SL. Is there an app for that? Maybe I can create one and sell it on Marketplace. Could be a moneymaking concept. But what do I know  . . . .   I know nothing; )

The real me finally

Because it is time to be honest and end all assumptions :P

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