When you start editing your RL cat . . .


You did what??

Yes I edited my cat. I took her red fur off and also her tail. The nails I saved in a folder in the closet and her nose as well as her cute mouth are under construction.  I unlinked all other parts from her bone structure to be able to see how to edit her in the best way.


Poor cat!

With this scenery in my head I woke up a few weeks ago. It took me a while to understand it was a dream I was still connected with.  When fully awake I realized why this dream occurred. I have been editing prims since January till today and worked almost non-stop on a project as soon as I was logged into  Second Life.  My red cat gets enough attention and caresses, because she is completely irresistible, but it was a clear proof of how a brain tries to process all after many hours of editing. I sometimes still wake up somewhere between RL and SL, editing all kinds of non-editable things like family or my own feet  or even the sun and moon. Three worlds mixing all impressions and acts into an absurd reality of strange behaviours,  RL world , SL world  and Dream world



So that’s where you have been! Buried under hundreds of prims.
Yes, exactly. I was not ill, did not have some sort of drama, not depressed, not angry, not bored (what’s that ) and certainly not in love and on a SL honeymoon trip. I just was busy with making a project together with some friends. You will very soon see and read what it is, because we will open next weekend. I will keep you posted :)



Do not edit your RL cat.
Just an advice .




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