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Since I like to make short machinima’s now and then, and like voice-over more than subtitles, I decided to make myself happy with some new geeky stuff. After some inquiries with a friend (thank you Tutsy) and research on the Internet my eye was catched by the Blue Yeti X microphone. It comes with a very cool software suite, featuring several voice-over presets and has different ways to record as well. Especially the one that narrows it all down to only record what is directly in front of the mic, is super handy for voice recording.  I will not bother you with all technical details and options, also still into getting to know all better myself, but just tell you I wanted to do a little test with it this weekend.  I had no idea how yet however, as in what to film and how to edit it into something acceptable.


But . . . . a bear rescued me. Well technically not the bear, but the one being so kind to give it to me (even 2 bears!), because that bear was a perfect ‘toy’  to play with and shoot some silly, cute, and simple scenes. I already was happy with the mic, and even more happy for a deeper reason than a soulless thing, but the bear was kind of the element activating me into expressing my happiness in a creative way. Thank you very much Beagle for the cute gacha bears :)


After having done a voice recording via the new mic I also tried to get to know some (for me) new software called Nectar 3 and RX8 Audio Editor from Izotope, as well as Adobe Audition. All are tools for audio editing, but I  am not into making this a true commercial blog, not my niche, so I  don’t put links to any product I used. You can look it up for yourself if interested ; )


The result of my little test is below:


One of those days

It was one of those days.
A day when you just feel . . .happy.
Not the normal kind of happiness.
But that deeper one.
The one that makes you feel like in . . . heaven? If it exists?
The one that makes you smile inside?
The one that makes life worth living.
It’s not just there.
It has a reason.
The reason of realising there is beauty.
Even when the world goes mad, like now.
It comes where you can just be you, with all your odds and ends.
It’s not a treasure you can find.
You have to learn to feel it more.
An open mind and heart DO help . . .
Be happy . . . before it is too late.


Now now, that’s a lot of happiness

Yes it must look as if I live at another planet with corona and the world being in a less happy state and both very present at the moment. Nope, I still am at planet earth. But well, I have known so many fears and threats on a personal level, I find my own life a very happy one. I am of course aware of the present dangers we face …. corona, climate, political and economical challenges, but my feeling happy still is stronger than all of that. My medication is almost down to zero by now, no negative side-affects none whatsoever, my personal challenges in RL go well, and I simply feel a good energy inside that keeps me going. Second Life is calm but steady, choosing more and more what I really like. Also on a personal level of intimacy, SL seems to direct me on a new path. One I feared for a long while and even tried to sabotage probably (not deliberately, but fears are sabotage experts), yet something inside opened up. I am not going into details for now and maybe never, but all I will say is that I am grateful for having persisted in trust and effort to make this a safe trip fitting within my boundaries, needs and responsibilities. I also have to grant the same things to the one I feel connected with deeply since a while and only can be happy with both having listened to what is inside.



You sound like in love

I do not only sound like it I, assure you I just am. But most likely not in the way you think I am. The ones knowing me and really understanding my blogs on that, will have a fair idea maybe. Love in SL is complex and insane volatile in most cases. I never want that anymore. When I invest it is into something far away from the stereotypical, conventional fast food love. I know that never is a guarantee in itself to not get involved into some dramatic story even so, but well, all love, even the most secured ones, have a risk factor. I like a risk when it is worth the experience and journey to wherever it takes me. It heightens levels of happiness at this very moment, that much is clear. And I have no reason to think that will change easily or dramatically : )  That’s all you ‘need’ to know   . . . all I want to share. Well ok one bonus info: If you spot me with a bear I am just being cute with a wannabe movie star who can dance and sit and eat bamboo. If you spot me with a Tiger I probably am cute in another more meaningful and deep way. I seem to like animals?  Oh well, they are known for unconditional love, so that’s not too bad is it?


That’s all and my tests will continue. Just liked to share this short one and I quite like the voice recording result myself. Compared to the iPhone recordings I did for all other machinima’s this truly is an upgrade. The noise reduction is huge. The quality way better and the options to work on the sound are dazzling me, but wonderful.



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