Tutsy Navarathna ravages the Sewers

Picture by Tutsy Navarathna


The French comedian Coluche never fails to typecast certain behaviours and people.  The quote below is just one example of that.

It is the so-called dirty trades (as garbage collector men or wastewater workers) which contribute the most to cleanliness and paradoxically it is in the professions of prestige (politicians, financiers, high officials) that one finds the most scum.

This paradox of being a dirty person with a clean aura of innocence  as cover-up seems to be standard  for all things connected with money and power. As soon as those 2 elements become big parts of someone’s life, you can count on it they will be corrupted and corrupt themselves into a double faceted character with many dirty acts. Admitting you are part of the worlds most destructive group of  ruiners would endanger the carefully crafted world order of capitalists and opportunists, so they just stick together, telling each other how great they are and how much effort they make to create a better world.  And if you do not agree or try to fight their acts, you will be confronted with even more dirt aka lawsuits and threats, paid by powerful companies who are more interested in money than in something sustainable, ethical, clean or safe.


The Sewers

At Voir Gallery, hosted by Frenchy25  and Calypso Applewhyte, this kind of dirty acts have found a perfect home . . . In the sewers below ground level, Tutsy Navarathna decided to ravage the already dirty place a bit more, with a new exhibition, called Bankable Ravages to draw attention to the consequences of power, vanity, wealth, consumption, corruption, environmental exhaustion, endless growth of everything and lack of responsibility for our world and its inhabitants. Yes, our world is ruled by serious shit, and by silly leaders who wear their masks of wisdom and respect with so little empathy and willingness for change, it almost looks like a comedy, but sadly enough is the prelude of a tragedy.


A questionable questionnaire, what else

Now we all know no one is innocent  . . . . even not the artist pointing a finger at something terrible. It’s very easy to do that is it not and we like to accuse the world of money and dirt to keep our own conscience in the safe zone. Like that we escape the need to change our own behaviour and acts. Therefore, I decided it was time to question the man who is responsible for dragging us into the sewers to see his work. We cannot just trust someone anymore these days after all and the best way to detect how dirty the artist’s hands are, is ask him bluntly  . . .

So why not launch Proust’s questionnaire at Tutsy. However . . .  since I like to play the devil’s advocate and can act very dirty as well ( ….), it became a somewhat twisted version of Proust’s list, because also Proust cannot be trusted to have no dirty intentions with his list. And if you associate ‘dirty’ in this context with sex, you proof to be not that innocent and clean yourself either. What a terrible world we live in! Everything and everyone is at risk or already infected with dirt.  Even Frenchy25, the super hero who build the sewers and dares to expose it to possible harmful, unremovable dirt, cannot be trusted. For all I know, he can be the wolf in sheep’s clothes with a double agenda earning tons of Lindens with this exhibition. So I asked Frenchy25 one question as well: Do you like wool? He said yes  . . . .  seeeeeee, that’s what I mean  . . . .  TRUST NO ONE! Errr, and yes, my questionnaire is questionable as well, what else . . .


I ‘Proustly’ present

To show my ethical side (needed to dig a bit to find it) I do not judge, review or comment on the answers of the Bankable Ravages creator. I can be like that. Or maybe the truth is I am lazy and like to stir things up more than clean them up, who knows :)  Anyway, I Proustly present the questionnaire and answers given by Tutsy, to let YOU decide if he is dirty or not. One warning: His answers may be infected by SL fame, Indian internet bugs and tropical  temperatures stress, so do use your sense of humour and tact to analyse his true character please. To know If he acts to be the cleaner but is dirty like hell, or acts to be a rat who actually likes a good clean, just too humble to collect credits for that, is all up to your own talent for reading between the lines :)


Questionnaire Tutsy

1. If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body, what would your five-year-old self do first?

He would finally tell me you did not change much and we would go to Disneyland together.


2. If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

My friends will say, it is because of my family that I am in prison and they will be right. My family will say it’s because of my friends and they’ll be right too.


3. What would the world be like if it was filled with male and female copies of you?

Funny question! This is not already the case?


4. You’re a mad scientist, what scientific experiment would you run if money and ethics weren’t an issue?

A device to automatically detect and teleport the idiots to another planet.


5. What is the funniest corporate / business screw up you have heard of?

La couettabra, a  duvet with arms


6. What’s the most useless talent you have?

Answering at this kind of questions


7. If you can be God for one day, what planet would you choose to escape Bankable Ravages

I will stay on the earth because thanks to my invention, which teleports all the idiots elsewhere, the earth will be again a fantastic place


8. If shit happens, who will you ask to clean it for you. 

I will ask TIME to help me


9. Do you think Frenchy’s sewers will survive your ravages?

Only time will say :)


10. Did you answer all these questions with a clean mind?

I do not know very well what a clean mind is. On the other hand I know very well what is a fucking rotten spirit.


My own view (if you still trust my answers)

I like the exhibition. It’s serious shit one could say, but with a twist of humour as well. You can enter a vault and pretend to be the eloquent intellectual with great ideas to save the world, but all you do is sit and watch  in the end. Or you can grab a protest sign to fuck all dirty acts, but will look like a riot rat yourself as well with what is written on them. If you are the type who needs physical contact you may consider to wear a helmet and  baseball bat and hop on the fighting pose balls. Hmmm, maybe just stand still and look around to stay neutral (coward!  . . .) ? You also could fall into the sewer’s water drains and drown to become the symbolic sad hero who gave his/her  life. Good thing is SL has no taste and smell sensors. It would make you sick to the stomach to consume and smell all realities behind the pictures. Because yes, this is the world we live in, a world walking on the edge of self-destruction, only because greed, money and goods are our gods.

Below a short movie from Tutsy  about a riot we had with some policemen . . .


TP: Voir Gallery, The Sewers, by Frenchy25 and Calypso Applewhyte
Exhibition: Bankable Ravages by Tutsy Navarathna
Opening: Saturday July 28, 12:00 SLT


Note: I helped to decorate the place. Do not ask me what I earned for that. It will beat the Panama Papers and you will be sued by my 10 excellent lawyers for exposing me.



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