To be strong or . . .

. . . not

Short update and follow up on the previous blog about the GENUS heads Classic and Strong face. I bought the strong face and  probably will use that one. The shape of the head is in fact a bit smaller than the classic face, which was not so visible in my previous pictures. I will just add 2 pictures here unedited again and an animated one so you can see for yourself. Skin still the same, shape of the strong head I slightly altered but nothing you will notice probably. It’s those subtle changes we only see ourselves :)




My overall conclusion is, I will be honest, to have spend Lindens on an extra head of which the changes only can be seen when really looking close and paying attention to some details. If I would appear at some meeting with either of the faces  I think no one or hardly no one will notice a different me.  It is like in RL when someone wears new glasses. You notice SOMETHING but not enough to see the change without being told what it is and then  . . . aaaah yes of course!! Oooh looks nice etc :))

So actually I have to like both faces, the classic face being a bit softer than the stronger face. I might switch now and then depending on the mood. Anyway, you are updated and I spend a lot of Lindens after all because I wanted to see better than with a constructed pic  only and because I suspected I would have a preference for the strong face, which also is the case when I would be forced to choose. Waste of money? Depends how I look at it. I will consider it the collateral damage of being a details fetishist:)


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