The Vagina Room – Myra Wildmist Installation at TerpsiCorps ArtWerks

News of the day

My vagina now officially is a piece of art. Just so you know!

Your Vagina is Art

According to Myra Wildmist your vagina is art. She made an exhibition about (her?) vagina as art. You also are asked to take a pic of your vagina. If that will be the RL or SL version is  up to you :)  I chose the safe way and did  the SL version :)  Small but nice exhibition. It matters a great deal to have your advanced WL setting activated in your viewer. Without that you will not see what you should see. Seeing the materials effects is essential so to speak. Have fun and share your picture with Myra Wildmist inworld. She will put it on a board with all other pictures that are made.  Vulva VIPS :)

Where to go?

TerpsiCorps ArtWerks

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