The smell of fame


The picture speaks for itself I think. Fame is a smelly thing :)  I never understand the wish for fame and attention that come with it. Why it is so important for many and why it defines their believe in being an upgraded person like that. I rather like the ones that don’t care about recognition, reputation and massive amounts of groupies. It means to me they keep more authentic and less into pleasing and comfort. Fame affects realistic views and ideas of who you are. Fame is like an illness, a virus taking over your ego. It also means you lose part of your self. A self which is pampered too much starts to fade into a faceless existence, consumed by the community shaping you more and more into a standard view, a general accepted view, with less personality and character development. That’s why I made this picture, to show how fame is not so great at all. But most will know that, so nothing new, except that knowing is not a guarantee for change when into the realms of fame :)

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