The Itakos Project (follow up)

The Itakos Project by Akim Alonzo

The Itakos Project – Ulysses’ Tales

About 3 months ago I wrote about the Itakos Project, at LEA 16, curated by Akim Alonzo. But at that moment the main focus was on the just opened exhibition The Venal Muses by Tutsy Navarathna.  Meanwhile the Itakos Project has reached its final status with the addition of Akim Alonzo itself as well as 2 other additions reflecting on the Itakos theme, by ChimKami and Kimeu Korg.

Except the Itakos gallery itself still showing several exhibitions, Akim’s goal at LEA 16 was  to (re)create the story of Ithaca on ground level with his own personal interpretation. Read more about Ithaca here:  Ulysses / Odysseus

Akim’s personal view I quote below:

Ulysses’ Tales , A Human Life Journey.

The installation title and the Itakos Project itself evoke not just randomly Ithaca as a metaphor of the human voyage that run trough fantasy, the dream in search of beauty and emotion, and peace. Not that is so important to reach the goal, rather the road leading to it matters. The Illusion of Virtual Worlds perfectly suits to represent this evocative path. The Visual Arts shape our imagination into Emotional Pixels.

The best way to explore Ulysses’ Tales is by starting your trip in the caves and from there follow the several signs. Sometimes you will be able to click for background information via notecards and video links. Do not forget to dance the Sirtaki (with ANTHONY QUINN, yayyyyy) and to travel into space via the gateway station. Try to think of your own life journey when walking around and see how we humans often encounter the same kind of challenges, but can make completely different choices. There is not always a best or worst choice. Mostly we just try to cope and survive when life gets hard and become indifferent or ignorant when all seems to go without any trouble (until it suddenly hits and activates our instincts to be safe, wise, strong, brave or patient). Ulysses’ Tales is not made by Akim alone. A group of co-workers helped him realize this very nice made journey on ground level. The names of all people involved can be seen at the entrance.


The Itakos Project – We see what we want by ChimKami

I had the great honour and pleasure to create this exhibition together with my dear friend ChimKami.  All pictures are made by her, the surrounding structure is mainly done by me. I have to thank ChimKami for giving me a free hand in this and with that a big trust in me to be able to make it fit well with her work and idea. We had a lot of pleasure together and I also like to thank Akim Alonzo for HIS generosity and time in letting us play with prims and space on LEA 16.

Below you can read what this exhibition is about:

We all live in the same world.
But we do not always share the same perception of that world.
We can see darkness or light, war or peace, hate or love, black & white or colours.
Our lifes can fall into pieces that need repair.

We can feel so many sensations and emotions, it can confuse us.
We often speed through life so fast, we forget to stop and make time for what really matters.
We should be more considerate and conscious of why, what, when, where and who we feel, to know why we see what we see. Like that, our walk through life will gain value and insights. Where we end is not that important so much anymore, because there is no end, except death.

You are invited to take a walk, fly, run or speed hover through 5 levels of life. On each level you can see pictures representing all kinds of moods as colourful as our mind.How you experience them will depend on your own perception and approach. You sometimes will make a mess and crash. Impatience and recklessness may throw you back to a lower level of conscious living. Patience, time and resilience will lift that up, even when life appears to be stuck in a vacuum of repetitive vicious circles, a perpetuum mobile of wasted energy.


I never like to promote things in which I am involved myself as well, because it feels like self-flattering and ‘look at MEEEE’ attention I often feel not comfy with, so I will just tell what you can expect and encourage you to interact with the installation/exhibit. At first: go in NIGHT view and put your SOUND on. There are many many sounds to hear while going through the build. You can either walk, fly or hoverboard to look around. For entering another level you will have to use the Teleporter however. At the TOP level you may want to put on your diving gear (take the gifts at the entrance or at top level) and play with all kinds of fun stuff in the air bubbles. About the pics ChimKami made: very expressive and colourful, just as I know her and like her so much :)  For colour haters:  stay away :P

We see what we want by ChimKami and Yoon


The Itakos Project – The Travel by Kimeu Korg

And last but not least there is a small exhibition from Kimeu Korg. A very talented and different kind of photographer with a special and somehow very recognizable style. Humour mixed with criticism and surrealism, little stories on a canvas with often special avatars and scenery that try to tell you something or seduce you to make a story yourself. I always liked and like Kimeu’s work very much. Below you can read Kimeu’s own words for his exhibition.  Be aware to click on the board when you enter the exhibition space. It turns on music especially chosen by Kimeu to accompany the work and atmosphere

Hello and welcome to my new exhibition. There was a pleasure from me when Akim asked to do any pictures about a single theme , The Travel, a pleasure and a challenge. But let me tell You something about Me, a kind of introduction by myself. Kimeu is my name and i am, or try to be a photographer, i started to take pictures on Second Life maybe three years ago , learning how SL works about photos also learning by other photographers , trying to find my own way to ´´see´´this world…well , the other world too, sometimes mixing reality and fiction or giving a touch of mood to my works. Dunno how people started to be interested on my pics but anyway any pics of mines where exposed in Galleries like Daphne Arts and LA Gallery , from here i want give thanks to them also all the people, friends and enemies that gave me strength from at the end,,make You Happy with my work. Thanks and enjoy the Exhibition!!

The Travel by Kimeu Korg


Website: Akim Alonzo
Flickr: Akim Alonzo  |  ChimKami | Kimeu Korg (Luz DeGas)
TP to Itakos Gallery: Landing Point Itakos Gallery (use Magic Door TP’s to visit the exhibits)

All 3 exhibitions can be  visited until January 2018



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