The Fear

Personal Fears

We all have them, sometimes hidden, sometimes visible. Often irrational and useless. I think there is nothing much stronger than fear. Love, happiness, hope, faith and all other positive feelings can have a really hard time when fear decides to walk in your mind and take a permanent seat. Best thing to do to get rid of that visitor is deleting the animations I suppose. Yes I know that’s the simple SL solution, but the power of ¬†imagination is strong as well and half of the work.

Existential fears (death, illness) are not only bad company I think. It can help you to be aware to enjoy every day, for we can be gone tomorrow. To live as if it is your last day is not what I mean and puts too much emphasis on the fear. Just be happy without too much concerns of what comes next and appreciate the joys of life.

Collective Fears

I only have to say Trump, North Korea, Erdogan, Terrorism and Climate to make clear what a collective fear is. The common discomfort about something big that affects us and is very hard to really grab at the same time, because we feel powerless to change these collective fears. Too big, too much out of our control, causing even more fear due to having no clear view on what will happen.

Opera Anxiety

JadeYu Fhang’s installation Opera Anxiety also was about fears. I still had a pic left on my computer and felt like using it today. Fear always will be present in us and around us and never will leave our existence. The amount and how deep and justified a fear is will determine a part of the quality of our life. Maybe we should create a mental ejection seat in our minds, to launch all fears in our head to some kind of hopeless planet.

David Bowie had some existential fears as well. His last album Black Star showed his struggle for life while knowing he was going to die. Not easy at all  . .
And I still miss him. But that’s not fear. That’s just sad :)



I wish I was smarter
I got so lost on the shore
I wish I was taller
Things really matter to meBut I put my face in tomorrow
I believe we’re not alone
I believe in Beatles
I believe my little soul has grown
And I’m still so afraidYes, I’m still so afraid
Yea, I’m still so afraid on my own
On my own
What made my life so wonderful?
What made me feel so bad?
I used to wake up the ocean
I used to walk on clouds
If I put faith in medication
If I can smile a crooked smile
If I can talk on television
If I can walk an empty mile
Then I won’t feel afraid
No, I won’t feel afraid
I won’t be Be afraid


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