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Synergy is good

Picture taken at Amrum *



Synergy means: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. In simple words you could say a blend gives a better result than the sum of results of  the separated ingredients. Interaction and blending can do magic you cannot achieve in any other way.

If I take that to Second Life I think it touches the core of how a virtual world also only can exceed by being synergetic. Creative processes especially but also social encounters will have the best results by being in a collaboration and feel a mutual inspiration and motivation which stimulates and awakens new insights, new feelings, new creative ideas. Let’s call it a mind melt where each contributor will have an effect on the other and vice versa they never would have been able to achieve when not in this togetherness of actions.

Imagine an orchestra performing with each musician in a separated room, conducted via a screen, not seeing the rest of the members.  I am sure you will understand such a performance will be less good, not providing the best possible result.

Imagine to never interact socially with others. Or to only interact in one on one contacts. It would make your social experience less rich. Yes sometimes less is more, and nothing wrong with that in a certain context, but to get the best out of you and the ones that surround you, a blending of minds makes a big difference. Not always, not every day and not with everyone, there has to be a perfect match so to speak as well, but when those are present you would be a fool to not take that chance and walk into the unknown world of new possibilities.




This idea of synergy was used to found Kytopia in RL. At the moment their base in Utrecht (Netherlands) is under pressure due to their building becoming a hotel ( what a loss and shame) but the organization itself will keep alive I hope. I quote from their website:

Kyteman’s name was connected with Utopia into Kytopia. A smart name for what they indeed are, a perfect mix  :)   I can imagine so well how inspiring such a place must be. For me these kind of places represent the best way of exchanging, merging and extending talents into a wonderful bowl of creativity with splendid, unpredictable results. Intuïtive work processes leading you into exploring new options without the boundaries of an already defined outcome.

I share a piece of music of  one of the musicians being part of the Kytopia community. His name is Pieter de Graaf and he is very OKAY :)  Love his music. I chose this piece because it reminds me of the waves I sat at taking a picture.



Second Life

SL is not Utopia,nor Kytopia, and to coin a new word like Slutopia somehow sounds like a whorehouse -which is not unrealistic either in SL . . . ahum –  but I think (or at least speaking for myself here) to sometimes feel this synergy with persons around us makes SL a great place to spend some time. There is no place on the planet where you can meet so many persons of all kinds and even if we will never see most of them, the ones we share a spark with in whatever way (music, creativity, art, love, friendship) are the ones to cherish and keep close. Some sparks stay forever, some will die, but every spark is worth to explore if nothing in the way to have that opportunity.

No solo?

This blog is completely solo and no synergy at all. I adore solitude and silence inworld as well. But that does not mean it is my status quo for a whole year. It is what keeps me in balance with the more interactive synergetic part of SL.  Being synergetic too much and too long can be energizing yet also exhausting. You live in a kind of HIGH when all is at its upper level of expressing yourself in that way.  So hurray for SOLO as well!



Why am I writing this blog you may wonder? It’s simple. I sat down at a sea in SL this week and had an unexpected wonderful chat with a stranger. This evening I sat at the same place, solo. Just listening to the waves and dreaming away in thoughts like waves crashing into me and fading away again. It made me realize  the best way to walk SL is like in RL, with an open mind, not closed for all thats different or strange or unknown, even not when sometimes this world can be a total disillusion, deception and fake as well. The worst thing to lose is trust in the good of it al and I simply refuse to do so. Being cautious and careful is okay in that. No need to bang my or your head on every illusion and pretentious blabla :)



Last but not least, The picture I took at a new sim called AMRUM. It is based on the well known Norderney sim, and also made by the same designer, Jackie McPherson. It is a client’s work but the owner for now has set the (Adult) sim to public access. Location:  AMRUM

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