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Nothing philosophical here :)

No, this is not going to be an essay about strong or classic whatever matters. This is an ordinary blog/ follow up about the Genus head I have since a few months and still was struggling with to find an applier I like. I may have found one now. I am at least walking around in it  . . .  that’s a start. But of course now there is a new ‘problem’. Genus has released a new head called STRONG FACE and makes it impossible to test in a nice way all of a sudden because adding gaps in the head. It makes you look like wearing ski glasses, really terrible to test. I know other brands do this too but it is freaking annoying and not customer friendly at all. And since I will not spend around 5000 Linden for a new head I cannot test properly I ran to photoshop for a better view (ty for all the effort I have to make Genus  . . . sighs . . .  )  I understand brands fear certain theft etc of their design, but come on . . . . be nice to the ones that want  to be nice with you and buy it. In a RL shop I also do not get a dress with gaps to test   . . .  or a pants without legs or a half leg. Many clothes sellers also have this super annoying HALF DEMO or TIMED DEMO packages or NO COLOUR HUD demo to make you buy more. It’s not nice and very lazy as well. Especially when no full colour hud or full texture added in a demo you are likely to buy a combination you do not like as much as you hoped it would be and buy an extra or even a few extra to get it right. I had this last week with RKKN, but there are tons of sellers doing it that way and it totally SUCKS.


Okayyyyyyyyyy,  back to he head which made me start to rant about Second Life selling strategies, back to the GENUS STRONG face compared with the GENUS CLASSIC FACE. There also is a babyface but that one most certainly is not my style and I therefore skip it.


Unedited images


At the top of my post there is an edited cover pic of the Genus Classic face. Below I will post unedited pics to see more clear the differences. I erased the gaps in Photoshop and filled them up, I also can derender the DEMO signs inworld (sometimes I can do that in Firestorm and sometimes it refuses), so it looks as if I also have the STRONG FACE head, but I do not (yet). I tested with a new applier from Bold and Beauty (Rebel Gal) called Kaia. B&B /Rebel Gal renewed all body appliers as well since my last buy of  those in January 2017 for my ‘old’ look. so be aware you will need new body appliers, also when already having B&B/ Rebel Gal body appliers, but their price is good for all colours in one pack. Low even. I personally find the skins a bit too smooth for the body. It could have had some more imperfections, and there is a bit too much pink/red tone in the lighter skins for my taste but maybe that’s also because I had a less pink skin of them before. They did improve things as well btw in the renewed body appliers. The butt always had a real dark spot, smudged and bit like as if   . . .  well you know  . . .   and that’s gone now. Anyway, I like the Kaia skin enough to ‘overcome’ some pink-ish mooth perfection:) And yes, you may have noticed  . . . thick eyebrows is something I somehow am attracted to. No idea why, I just am.

You will see a front and side pic from both faces with the same head applier Kaia and the same shape (my own).  I never use the standard shapes added by skin and head sellers, I want to have SOME personal touch as far as that’s possible in SL.  I also add 2 animated gifs made with Gyazo to switch between the pics and see the differences in that way as well.


——– –


——– –






Is my ‘problem’ solved now?

Hmmm not yet. The STRONG FACE indeed has that look the name claims, so that’s good and I like the look. If I like it enough or better to pay for it I have to think about a bit more. If convinced I will,  if in doubt I will not. I am prepared to invest some money in a new look, but I have to be very sure I really like all I see. The nose and the en- profil look from the strong face in general are less elegant, more strong and tough as well. On the other hand such a face suits me better than too sweet and  girly. I never was or will be that type, also not in RL.

Anyway, who knows I have helped you a bit to decide or at least be  able to see differences in a decent way without these  (fill in a swear word …… )  GAPS!

I will not go in detail about the HUDS. Plenty other people who did that already and not that kind of blogger in general here. I will tell I do not like the eye blinking of the Genus head so far. Mainly because the eyes roll up and down all the time, making you look quite silly. I will walk BLINKLESS (if that’s a word  . . ) until it maybe will be improved I hope. The pre-installed Omega feature is convenient with appliers.  A one time click is needed with the OMEGA for GENUS tool, but after that you can do without because it activates the built in OMEGA compatibility :)


So. . bye bye Old Yoon

Welcome New Yoon

Hmmm, it always takes some time to get used to a NEW look, but I will try to not delete my new self when in this nostalgic mood longing for the familiar look :)



  • GlitterPrincess Destiny- Storie's

    ahahaa YOON finally a good blog for my coffee – “I have been waiting you know,,”
    ok the strong face is kina kewl i like this nose as well but personally i havn’t tried it and already I have the baby face which i had to totally redo her body and most of her face
    anyway …. back to the strong face’… you did a great job it looks fantastic . 0h …..uhm wull you ever do a blog on Lekutka ? ..oh i’m just curious why “Spencer'” looks nothing like “Spencer”…since the update …and “Greer” as well, ps. the foto’s are awsome – strong ahead ~~~~~~we go~~~~~

      • Jessica

        I just now came back to this comment I made and your response. You’re not ugly. What I meant by Genus heads being ugly is just the way the model was made in SL. There are some technical issues I found and also just design choices that were poor compared to other heads. I think each creator has this problem though but Genus overall has a load of issues that present the most unattractive face. I think the one thing that baffles me the most is with the Baby head, if they had used the cheek slider range a bit better as other heads do, they could have had a way better head. There’s some awful rigging with the noses on all the heads and I find most of the lips are bad. One head got it mostly right, I forgot which now. There are additionally some issues with the way the jaw works with the sliders and doesn’t work with some at all from 0 to 100. They really need to fix this and make it more like Catwa does it. I’m not sure about Lelutka, but I do remember there being a dismal range on some of their sliders too. The creators don’t understand that if they are doing that on purpose to push a certain style of head, it’s not great for most users. Maybe we like a nose like on the strong head but don’t want the included limits of other features, so we get the nose but the other parts are awful. As I said with baby the frontal view is great but the cheeks really need range because they are fat. If they don’t’ give it then give us baby straight on with the cheeks of classic 1 or strong 1 or 2 in a new head. I really hate the design choices. With Catwa you could get the fine features with Catya but the sliders gave enough range to strengthen some while keeping others delicate. You could get the strong nose on that head too setting the nose size to 0 but messing with the lower and upper nose sliders. A lot of people seem unaware and it looks more realistic on that head than genus strong which looks like there’s no solid bone structure going on under the hood.

        I think that’s my biggest issue is the Genus heads feel like the creator has a poor understanding of how bones work under the skin and some rigging points too. I want them to do well, hopefully, the creator is working on their skills while the DMCA is stupidly keeping them from progressing in-world. I have been working on heads as a skyrim modder for 7 years now and 10 on top of that from my stint at rogue(game studio) before it was disbanded. I’m also working on them in SL but no way I am releasing stuff until the lindens revise how the DMCA works. Anyway but SL they don’t pull the work immediately until it’s proven it’s stolen. No idea why the lindens don’t do the same.

        • 99 Faces

          Wow, thank you for this interesting comment :))
          I do not know enough of all this technical stuff and what works and does not work. I shape on intuition and hope it becomes ok. What I do know that most often the lips are insane hard to get in a shape that does not look like a barbie or some kind of odd smiling creature, very unnatural. If the mouth is not working well with sliders I tend to not try any longer because no doll face for me . .

          On the other hand taste is so personal. What we can find horrible in results, another may like. But I agree that it seems most helpful to have a head where all sliders respond in their best way. I also hope Genus will survive. These DMCA’s really are super annoying. Imagines to log in one and have lost my head one of these days . . Litteraly. . . ^^

          Thanks again and good luck with your own work.

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