Secret Valmoor Society

The Year is 1892

London’s first electric underground railway opens. Battle of Wounded Knee ends Indian Wars in US. Bismark dismissed as prime minister of Germany. Peanut Butter is invented. The Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria, Italy) is renewed for 12 years. Kaiser Wilhem failed to persuade Britain to join. Diesel patents his internal combustion engine. First automatic telephone switchboard introduced.

Nobody knew exactly when the small hamlet of Valmoor was deserted. Some say it was the trains that stopped coming. Others say it was the economy slowing down, that made villagers leave for the Big City. Others whisper it was the thing in the woods that caused nightmares and made people flee the town.

One day an eccentric and extremely rich couple bought the deserted village. From then on, the lights in the abandoned houses flickered again. Each evening, often late at night, more people arrived. Dressed in fancy clothes, sometimes masked. Music was heard throughout the streets. People whispered about strange rituals being held in the dungeons underneath the city, and spoke of Secret Societies.

According to the London Times, Valmoor Manor housed a “gentleman’s club” which was known to ridicule religion and promote decadency. The supposed president of this club was the Devil, although the members themselves did not apparently worship demons or the Devil. The club admitted men and women as equals, unlike other clubs of the time, but maintained a strict dress code. Men should be wearing suits, and often masked. Women were allowed in lingerie, or even naked. The club met on different weekdays at an underground location in Valmoor. According to at least one source, their activities included strange ceremonies and partaking in open sexual acts.




Everyone adores M&M’s. Chocolate hidden in a colourful shell.  Once you start to eat, they keep you hungry for  more. This lust for consuming a treat has been transformed into a new delicacy at Valmoor. Strangely enough also connected to M&M’s.  It must be the adult version of this well known brand, not to be sold at the supermarket but on request or invite only. All I know is it is offered by a somewhat peculiar rich couple, Megan & Mako, calling themselves the absolute, dominant, monarchic, despotic and royal rulers of this place. I decided to explore their place last night, trying to get a glimpse of it all before the opening party this evening.

One thing is clear. Lust rules. In all tastes and sorts. A lust and feast for the eye to start with. Amazing what can be done in a skybox of moderate size , giving you the look and feel to be at a whole sim. The place is a mix of victorian style, magic, erotics, decadency and grandeur of lost times. Harry Potter X rated version, something like that. Very well done. Eye for detail, perfect choice of decorations and styles and not so big you get lost and give up finding your way through the build.

The real deal for lust seekers is underground (errr is that possible in a skybox??  >> heck yes it is) . One of the buildings contains a stairway to heaven, oh wait no I mean hell. The ever patient butler or whoever he may be (the devil in disguise most likely) will show you the way down to your own decay and promiscuity, without asking you a fee, except maybe to have the liberty to be the indiscrete voyeur of lustful secrets.

Once you entered the club, the Secret Society of Valmoor, you are being welcomed by warm red furnitures, inviting you to take a seat. Ok some will capture and lock you when being  too greedy with saying yes to all the menu or experiences offer you, but that can be considered as your personal lust identity and scale I suppose :)  It made me experience the hot and tormented life of  being a lamp watching all, but not able to do a thing, not even stand or click anything. The club also is very well made and offers room for quite a lot of indecent behaviours. Delicious decadent Oscar Wilde mood is how it speaks to me.

I am sure this place will be a success to all who seek lust, or just a place to hang out and observe lust.  If you hope to have sex with me I fear you are too late. I tested all stuff with me myself and I as threesome and had enough sex for 10 years by now. My body is worn out, my errr you know what is ruined and my mind only wants the non adult M&M’s now to recover from  my excessive debauchery at Valmoor.

I consider to send a bill to the owners for my chocolate addiction being stimulated as after care medicin. I fear they will deny all responsibility however.



Principles of Lust – Enigma

Two songs of Enigma came in mind when visiting Valmoor :)



The principles of lust

The principles of lust
Are easy to understand…
Do what you feel
Feel until the end

The principles of lust
Are burnt in your mind…
Do what you want
Do it until you find love

The principles of lust
Are easy to understand…
Do what you feel
Feel until the end

The principles of lust
Are burnt in your mind…
Do what you want
Do it until you find love

Find love – Sadness reprise



Gravity of Love – Enigma

Turn around and smell what you don’t see
Close your eyes… it is so clear
Here’s the mirror, behind there is a screen
On both ways you can get in
Don’t think twice before you listen to your heart
Follow the trace for a new start
What you need and everything you’ll feel
Is just a question of the deal
In the eye of storm you’ll see a lonely dove
The experience of survival is the key
To the gravity of love
The path of excess leads to
The tower of Wisdom
The path of excess leads to
The tower of Wisdom
Try to think about it…
That’s the chance to live your life and discover
What it is, what’s the gravity of love
Look around just people, can you hear their voice
Find the one who’ll guide you to the limits of your choice
But if you’re in the eye of storm
Just think of the lonely dove
The experience of survival is the key
To the gravity of love.



The rules

Valmoor is an adult group, based on real storylines such as the Hellfire Club, during the Victorian Age. It’s a story about decadence, passion, and adult things. And hey, guess what: we expect you to behave as an adult here: respectful & fun, and make it fun for others as well. You will find information about the setting and background in the historical notecard.

This is a member-only sim. Your membership helps us pay the bills.

THE 10 COMMANDMENTS: Let’s keep this short. You’re an adult, you should know how to behave.

  1. The CREEP RULE: No child avatars. No age-play of any kind. Anyone caught with this type of behavior will be banned and reported to Linden Labs. In case of disputes we WILL send an AR report and let Linden Lab decide if you are in violation of the Community LINDEN LAB POLICY ON AGE PLAY:

  2. The LEECH RULE: Escorting is OK. Bring your clients over. Enjoy the place, it’s built for love. However, the promotion of products, groups, sims, not related to Valmoor on sim or in group chat, is prohibited.

  3. The VAMPIRE RULE: Oh sweet baby Jesus, really. No one here wants to play bloodlines and they certainly don’t want to be bitten.

  4. The MAKE LOVE NO WAR RULE: No weapons and no wearing of weapons. Except when you’re a Ninja and expect a sudden Pirate attack. Then, by all means, have your weapons ready. Pirates should report to the Management before entering the sim.

  5. The HEY STOP BEING AN ASS RULE: Get rid of those particle effects, gestures or heavy scripted items, titlers or facelights.

  6. The NAKEY RULE: Valmoor is about sex and nudity. Simple. Bring it classy, make it sensual. Errrrotic.

  7. The OPENMINDED Rule: LGBT welcome. Encouraged. Be yourself. It’s your story to tell, tell it well.

  8. The SHEESH Rule: About subs and Masters: this isn’t Gor. No one here is /per definition/ public property and to use for all, mutually agreed.. Please check by IM first. Always.

  9. The RP Rule: We love it! Highly encouraged! In open chat! But you can be OOC too. We’re flexible like that. We will provide roles in the near future. Stay tuned!

  10. The FINAL RULE: Megan Prumier and Mako Vitti are the absolute, dominant, monarchic, despotic and royal rulers of this place. Their word is Final. Their decision is Enlightened. Whatever you might bring up or think or say, it’s They Who Decide About the Things that Might Not Even Be in the Rules.

Thanks for reading this. Now go in and enjoy yourself, amice :)

~Megan & Mako



Who are M&M and where do they hide and practice their lust?



Miss M is Megan Prumier 
Mr M is Mako Vitti

Group:  Valmoor Group

Where:  Secret Valmoor Society

Opening Party:  Monday 14th of October, 1 PM with DJ Nikki Arentire
Dress code:   Masked / Victorian / Delicious / Seductive / Decadent

P.S.  The sim is best visited with Advanced Lighting and Midnight Setting.
P.S. as well: Very well done both, congratulations and good luck :)



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