Post Factum

After the fact

Post Factum: after the event; done with hindsight. What has been done is done one could say in a simple way and then look back. Post Factum also is the title of an exhibition that will open at Nitroglobus Gallery this weekend. Together with another Post Factum, my permanent BAN at that place, it will be an interesting thing to see for me. Pop ups with ‘You are banned’ is the AWESOME artistic impression I will have when trying to TP. Unless I use an alt the owner of that place, Dido Haas, cannot identify as being me. It sure is tempting to do that and act like SAVEME OH, but no, that’s too old school and not my style. Counterproductive anyway because a new ban and party over after one minute or faster. So I prefer to blog and go public that way. Plus I would give her a REAL reason to ban me, which she doesn’t have at the moment. I asked several times when I found out and the only answer I had was: ‘YOU KNOW WHY ‘ and  ‘I DON’T WANT PEOPLE IN MY GALLERY WHO NEVER VISIT.’ Well Dido, I do NOT know why and I did visit the gallery several times when a friend had an exhibition. The last time I did so I was banned instantly after I landed. Did not even get a warning, just EJECTED and after that the BAN stayed active. The same thing is the case at Blue Orange. Ini and Gitu, always acting like a Siamese twin have banned many people and I have a permanent ban there as well. Also without any warning or explanation.  Ini Inaka tried to talk herself out of it with a group notice. It makes no sense AT ALL and I quote below

“Hello to All. 
Some complainings lately reached my ears and eyes… well… maybe I really should explain once again what my activity in SL is.
Firsts of all I am not LL and I am not working for LL or for anyone of SL members. I am a private person the same as you all and I do not feel like I ‘MUST’ give to you something or You ‘MUST’ give to me something… But thanks if you agreed and are happy to be part of it. All what I wanted and want give was and is – B.O. project which opens to most of us some possibilities to share and YES I will keep that way as long as I do have spare time. If you do not like my activity or BO team in general, please leave and enjoy your time.
Because maybe thats truth and we BAN from this place most nice people in SL. I promise that our team and in future will ban them and no one will rule what in own place people should do and how objective we must act. I do not go to your home and I am not standing on your carpet wearing shoes.

Best regards Ini “


Hurray for the Netherlands and United Kingdom based curators for their great minds and original ‘kick back through the door’ policy. Yes I would expect such policies in other countries as well. . .


You must be a bitch

It is easy  to conclude I will be a bitch who deserves these bans. In our language we say, where there is smoke, there also is a fire. Fact is however I did not do ANYTHING against Nitroglobus Gallery or Blue Orange. So these bans are PERSONAL. They do not like me for their own reasons. I suspect it has to do with dating an ex and having a friend who gossiped about me being a bad person. That person from one day after another decided I was a very very very bad friend and deleted me after a friendship of several years. Gossips are powerful, we all know that. Dislikes over an ex also can be strong. And sure, no one is free of dislikes/gossips, me either, but to let it result in permanent bans   . . . . .. sorry, that’s really too silly for words and only makes me laugh very hard. Even if there is another reason, it stays senseless. A temporary ban I can live with if there is a VALID reason, non-personal and needed for a place to stay free of true harassers. A permanent AND personal ban is totally ridiculous and shows the inability to be a professional manager of a public space. It shows fear, small minds and dictatorial behaviour to suppress the things they fear or dislike. So I am not a bitch. They are bad managers.


Do I care?

The fact I write about it gives you the answer. Yes I do, but not for feeling punished or hurt or angry. I don’t care at all to not be able to visit a place of which I know the owner is the kind of manager I despise in Second Life. Why would I want to facilitate such a place myself any longer? The only thing I care about is how sad it is to see how RL power abuse also happens in Second Life and probably even more because everyone can become a curator / owner of a public place and be the King or Queen of it. To need a permanent ban tool for maintaining a place is so stupid it deserves an award as well. I already deserved a Raspberry award myself in my previous blog and feel honored to now give a new highly sophisticated award to Blue Orange and Nitroglobus: the My Ass award. I promise it is without smell of any kind, you have your own smelly talents to perfume it with I am sure :)   During Photoshopping  the award something odd happened when I wanted to save the picture. Photoshop showed solidarity with me and adapted the SAVE text spontaneously! Such a heartbreaking gesture. It almost made me cry  . . .


Thank you

In fact I have another FACTUM to share except the permanent bans and super talented no-exhibitions without visuals. I want to thank Blue Orange and Nitroglobus for their support in being a source for my blog. Never easy to find something new and now all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the mad attitude and policy for a few months already. It was a great pleasure to gossip about you all, ask you questions you did not want to hear and to now share my bitch blog on that. The bitches being you, not me. I prefer being a badass clearly.  More Post Factum’s  please ladies. I will be at your service anytime :) Below your prize. Since I cannot BRING it to you you can come and collect it at my office. I have a strict policy there however. You must show proof you have still banned me before I will hand over the award. I am taking good care of my ass. like you can see for yourself as well.


A warning: In case you visit one of these places soon, try to behave and not make the owners angry. Just an advice from the MY ASS award committee. We don’t want to give them another award you see. That’s too much attention and honor :)



  • GlitterPrincess Destiny- Storie's

    so shocking that not even 1 sip of my coffee yet passed my lips – bho
    I’m not sure if “Hollywood” is this bad…i mean in hollywood i think you have to give someone a black eye to be banned not sure from a club
    also i heard a rumor ( can’t reveal from who but,,,I heard another person was just banned from BO but no clue why . I don’t get it but as you mentioned it must be personal – and that’s really Sad.
    ps . your a great friend Yoon … ‘shakes my head ….. ‘ that’s …hollywood ‘ ( a pity )

  • DoesntMatter

    Whatever made them upset about you, i am sure your response shows that they were right about you after all. The fact that you still care about it after more than 10 days is just hilarious. And making fun about a non-native speaker and their obvious spelling mistakes and then playing dumb by not understanding what is meant is just the topping on the cake.

    Here the short version for you: They pay for the places – they decide the rules. If you don’t comply or seem unfit – you are banned. Easy as that.
    Just because these are public galleries doesn’t make them a public spot to visit for everyone. If you dress like a hobo i am sure any Hilton hotel will gladly throw out aswell.

    And i’m quite sure you will delete this, just to emphasize on your hypocrisy.

    • 99 Faces

      I guess you did not read very well whoever you are in Second Life. A name would be brave if you like to make statements like you do now. That’s one. Second, I do NOT care at all for myself. I care for Second Life being spoiled by stupid managers playing dictator. Third. I do not comment on NON NATIVE speaking anywhere. I comment on the explanation being totally ridiculous and really am not in need for your so called helpful short version. I understand perfectly clear what has been said and it makes no sense to use paying for a parcel as REASON to ban people just like that or because they have a personal dislike, and at the same time advertise with it being a friendly bohemian club or public gallery. Would be funny if sellers also start to act like that. Don’t start a business, club or gallery if you want everyone to ADORE you and agree with you. Your comparison with a Hilton hotel is hilarious. This is not about dressing or looks, this is about social banning for no good reason and hiding behind the MONEY and OWNER label to give it an air of being normal and legitimate. And I did comply and was NOT unfit at all btw, so check your sources better.

      You are sure of many things apparently. Look who is hypocrite here . . . you are in suggesting I will delete it and with hiding behind an anonymous name.

      If you reply I expect your avatar name next time.
      If you keep hiding you deserve no space here anymore indeed.

      Have a good evening and ty for reading, just bad and also not an accurate response due to that.

  • Cybele Moon

    it’s so sad not to know why you are banned or if it is only because of petty gossip which I know can abound in SL. Not everyone of course is going to love us and some might even hate us for whatever reason. Glitter Princess pointed this blog out to me and as she is a good friend and supporter to me in SL I wanted to see why she was upset. I’m not familiar with you but you must be an artist as I see by some very interesting images on your blog. I wish you all the best and hope it all get sorted out.

    • 99 Faces

      Thank you Cybele.
      For me it is just more stupid and silly and dumb by now than sad or a reason to be upset. But I do feel like highlighting such things, also when it would happen to someone else in the same manner, because I refuse to be silent and play nice like many do. Second Life always is great and awesome before the screens. Backstage is the shit, like in RL. The ones not liking this blog will call it evil gossip, the ones knowing wat is really going on at certain places know better and would not accept shit behavior either for themselves. But each place or person has its groupies who will either be silent or defend the bad behavior, because they have a good time there and do not want to be confronted with something or someone disturbing that. Not seeing, not hearing, not talking and ignorance is bliss is a fairly common attitude in SL and RL. I clearly am of a different kind and that’s bloody annoying for some :)

      Glitter should not be upset for me at all. I really am not affected by these kind of acts. Sure maybe a day or so when I discover things like this. After that I only can think how pathetic and stupid it is and will at a certain point blog it when I feel like it. Often with some cynical humor, which is my style in such cases:)

      So . . LAUGH and let them feel great and kings and queens with a white veil of innocence over their faces^^

  • Kristine Blackadder

    I fully understand your point of view (I know that this is not wounded pride) because it focuses on an incredible trend in SL: the power game. This stupid game offends intelligence, pollutes the second life (where “free choice” is possible) and highlights the stupidity (human and intellectual) of certain players. Even more incredible is the parallel with shoes and rugs to keep clean: “This is my home, private property, I pay, I do what I want and above all I keep clean! This attitude is even more serious because we can” choose “and look for positive experiences ( maybe not easy but positive), removing this small but profitable life from the many senseless mechanisms that we live in RL every day.
    Otherwise it becomes hedonism (onanism): My beautiful art gallery, my “gang bang of art friends”, where I sing it and play it the way I like and those who are out of the chorus is a useless encumbrance. Too bad that a critical but careful and correct attitude is worth more than gold.I believe there is a limit that naturally divides people: those who play (live) and nothing cultivate and those who play (live) but want to grow. Second Life is a extraordinary opportunity and those who want to use it to exercise power may wasting time and not reaping the benefits.
    It is not destiny a meet for such different people .

    Best wishes
    Kristine Blackadder

    P.S. I would like to present my candidacy for “best blog comment ever”
    Thank you

    • 99 Faces

      Wow. You should blog yourself. It IS the best blog comment ever actually at my blog for sure.
      Very much appreciated. Not because of me feeling some sort of pride now, but because of your superbe insight and how you communicate it in well chosen indisputable words! A true addition to the blog how it is to be read and interpreted! A motivation as well to keep blogging about shit acts and stupid attitudes in SL.

      Thanks Kristine!!

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