Sometimes you just want to give a big ‘Fuck You’ to the world. Not because you think it helps to change anything, only for releasing tension inside. I notice to often feel like that when watching the news. It’s  hardly ever a cheerful thing to do, because most news is depressing or at least discouraging when you see how messed up all is by wars, climate issues, crappy politics, food and water problems, psychological mind fucks,  social misery, relational tensions, children and animals suffering from grown ups being morons, illnesses, religious and ethnic battles, racism, xenophobia, homophobia , etc etc etc. But there are  many other occasions that will make you feel like showing your stiff middle finger in the air for a second or more. In short I always call such things NOISE. And noise is one of these things that can completely disrupt a mind when experiencing too much of it.


It makes you bleed, painfully exposing all fails and poor attempts or even no attempts at all, to make the world a better place than yesterday or tomorrow. When you bleed you lose something valuable. A life fluid, an essence of your being. That makes us react after all, trying to stop the loss of blood. But exposure to the world as it is defined by the news will regularly give these no(i)sebleeds. Below a few coping strategies:
1. Shut down the world around you (no news is peaceful
2. Limit the world around you (less news is less stressing)
3. Face the world around you (acts of resistance, help and solidarity are inspiring )
4. Never forget to value noiseless news (it makes you smile)



Most of us will use all strategies and combinations of it. When on holiday for instance I often choose to watch no news. When all my justice senses are being activated I will do something rebellious. When I indulge myself in the simple yet essential pleasures of what makes life good, I am completely happy and away from the dark parts. When reducing my online and TV time, I feel free. When shutting down the world I feel like wanting to escape and needing total silence. It varies, but what never will stop is to sometimes have a no(i)sebleed. In RL and SL such periods exist and we better learn to respect it to not get trapped by disillusion and helplessness. Yeah, life is a bitch, but also great :)


The picture shows the ‘Fuck you’ sign after a no(i)sebleed. It was made in December 2016 for an exhibition I resigned from due to leaving SL for a while. It is not related to anything or anyone specific in SL or RL to be clear. It is my general view on life that it always is a battle of forces with sometimes exceptional steps we make. All we can do is absorb and learn from all that life brings us. Regenerate, recuperate or resign often is being warped by how severe our feeling of helplessness is at that one big decisive moment of noise/pain/anger/sadness. At such moments we like to believe we are in control, but most of the time it controls us. When life is really noisy we lose sense a bit and with that control. So, let’s cherish all the nice things to not feel lost and unhappy. There always is something or someone nice left to make your day.


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