Memento Mori by Cherry Manga @ DixMix Gallery

Memento Mori by Cherry Manga


Time is a living death
Ticking lives away
With cold heartbeats


Time has no end itself
It only delivers one way tickets to endings
Not exchangeable for cash

Yet time is innocent
It has no soul to punish
No mind to hold responsible


Time is a dead life
Adding time to your life
With reliable heartbeats


Time has no choice
It only can go straight forward
Not exchangeable for walking in circles

Time is its own prisoner
Doomed to never die
Losing all, again and again

Memento Mori

Remember you will die
It all starts when you are born
Countdown  . . .


New Years  Eve

Wishes and resolutions
Hope for good or better times

Church bells ringing
Embracing a new start
Granting you another ride without guarantees

Walk with time
As friend, adding to your life
Count up to be able to countdown



Memento mori and Carpe Diem
Existence with and through each other
Interdependence without doubt

Time will be gentle with you
If you are gentle with time
Count on it



The spirit of time
Evaporation of your physical presence
Transformation into timeless memories

I wish you time
I wish you taking time
I wish you making time


Pictures taken at Memento Mori by Cherry Manga

Memento Mori is a looped 3D multi-scene installation made by Cherry Manga. All scenes are presented to you like a 360 degree cinema surround view, so be sure to cam around. It is a ‘Very Cherry’ installation, interesting and somewhat dark. I like it :)

Pity if you missed the opening because it was theatrical and impressive with a music set made by  JadeYu Fhang.
Spoiler alert: she soon will perform again elsewhere. Will keep you posted.

The installation can be visited at DixMix Gallery. No idea till when, so just go before you run out of  . . . .  right   . . .  TIME!
Your fast forward taxi is here: MEMENTO MORI



Preview with Slidely (click on it to watch and hear sound)

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Ispariz meaning:


  1. Spiritus – Spirit (Hildegard von Bingen, Lingua Ignota )
  2. Evaporation (Bulgarian)

Ispariz by Irfan

Ivaylo Petrov: oud, baglama saz, cura saz, cumbus oud, tambura, santoor, psalterion, programming, arrangement

Kalin Yordanov: vocals, daf, bodhran, arrangement
Petar Todorov: darbouka, tombak, djembe, riq, electronic percussion pad
Yasen Lazarov: duduk, ney, kaval, harmonium

Denitza Seraphim: vocals

More here: The Eternal Return by Irfan


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