Lalawood @ Maison d’Aneli


LaLa What??

You never heard of LALAWOOD? What a pity! It is the best playground in Second Life. A kind of LEGOLAND, just without the first L.  Yes you understand well. Finally a place where you are allowed to show off your talents, value and persona without any restraints. Lalawood simply is  the place to be from now on. Forget the rest, come to Lalawood. You will meet kings, queens, godfathers, godmothers and many other successful gods. You even can bump at Philip Linden while wandering around. You can go Lala with sounds and music and finally totally transform yourself into the wannabe celeb you always wanted to be. We don’t mind to caress your EGO. You even need it to make it through Lalawood. No place for losers.



Are you kidding me?

Me? I never would do such a thing. You know how serious I am in everything.  We worked hard, the four of us, to make this place your personal Paradise. So please respect our ingenious, talented bright minds to do this for you all, for free.  Actually even five persons worked hard for your convenience, but one is a bit shy and hides behind a camera all day to shoot pictures of you when you are there. Who are we? Simple, we are the Lalala’s, godfather and godmothers of Lalawood and we belief in Lalaism. That’s a kind of artistic anarchy with only freedom and no rules. Early visitors however sometimes came out shocked and even mad. It’s not our fault of course. We just show mirrors and are not responsible for the reflections  they generate.  But ok, to be at the safe side of it all we will tell you it is an ‘ENTER AT OWN RISK’ place.  We do not provide medical care or mental care after your visit. Ego is hard to handle you know. Some just go crazy when they take an overdose. It’s like that, but apart from that Lalawood is a very inspiring place to improve yourself.



Are there any obligations in Lalawood?

Good grief no. Just walk and do your stuff.  You can choose if  you do nothing or all, up to you and your desires! For the ones wanting all we do prescribe a few tricks to do it well:

  1. Sound ON, Stream OFF

  2. Advanced Light Settings  ON  (no need to go in ULTRA, just activate the light settings)
    Without that you will not see much and be in many pitch black spaces.

  3. Read what is there and test all to grab the many goodies

  4. Activate your humour parts if you tend to be easily insulted

  5. Use Region Windlight or Night



Who are the gods of Lalawood?

Well we all five are, but ….. we do have our very own Queen, Theda Tammas. You can call her Hare Krishlala and do not forget to bow for her, she is keen on such formalities. The eloquent yet incredibly annoying and arrogant architect from Lalawood is Yoon. She likes to be called Buddhalala in case you see her. She will notice when you forget! We also have a true Warrior in our city: JadeYu Fhang  fights for each and everyone of you receiving the right amount of EGO. Another hero and visionary is Iono Allen.  The efforts he takes to film all progress of people transforming themselves into a whole new person can be called relentless. Therefore we call him the Great Dalailala. Our most shy god wears a photo camera. When you hear shutter sounds of a camera you are near to meet him. Beam from Beam and Burner is responsible (hmm or is it guilty) for placing a highly effective ego boosting instrument in one of our rooms. We do however suspect him of some personal benefit in secretly shooting pictures of visitors but since he is harmless we pretend to not know that. If he harasses you, just move on and he will be silent again. Or visit his shop and ask your picture back :) His Lalawood name is Camera Obscuralala.

Our personal host Aneli Abeyante runs and curates La(lalalalaala) Maison d’Aneli  (located at Vegetal Planet) and we thank her and Vroum Short for the flexible and friendly cooperation. Our prim hunger was big, but they were kind to feed us when running short and giving us all support with everything :-)


My royal piggy


Is it a long trip through Lalawood?

Yes! No! Errr, well, you know, in Second Life all depends on HOW you visit. If you take the full experience you will start at the entrance level in the gallery and after that visit 5 levels in the sky. All is via TP’s . You also can take all landmarks with you if you like, right from the start. You will see inside when you need them. The landmarks are in my personal pet, a little pig. It wears a crown because Theda the Queen baptised it to royal pig and trusts me to care for it. I will not tell anything else here, except that all 5 levels are required to understand the installation and test your own perception of it all.  A  few hints for when you dare to go inside:


“You need a high degree of corruption or a very big heart to love absolutely everything”  – Gustave Flaubert

“Art is parasitic on life, just as criticism is parasitic on art” – Harry S. Truman

“Criticism is valuable… and self-congratulatory experiences are not” – Harold Prince

Lalawood movie by the Great Dalailala aka Iono Allen

Preview with Slidely

[advanced_iframe src=”″ width=”1200″ height=”674″”]

When and where?

WHEN:  Opening: 11th Dec at 12:30 SLT  (21:30 EU time)
WHERE: Maison d’Aneli /Vegetal Planet
Lalawood will be opened together with other exhibits showcasing work by: Bamboo Barnes, Vroum Short, Milly Sharple, Tigerfish Rain, Tomm Pye and Willem Koba.



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