Indigo Box Gallery by Indigo Claire

Indigo Box Gallery

This week Indigo Claire, from the Czech Republic city of Prague, posted a ‘Time to say goodbye’ picture on her Flickr stream. Not a goodbye to Second Life, which was my first thought, but to her inworld gallery called Indigo Box.  In this gallery you will find a selection of Indigo’s RL work. The text Indigo wrote I quote below:

Thank you all who stopped there to see my silly works…I have decided it’s time to say goodbye and soon… some day (not sure when ) but very soon I will close that place, who haven’t seen it yet and wants, there is a taxi. Thank you very much everyone ♥ ♥ ♥ that place was made with love to people ♥ ♥ ♥


The deeper mind

The choice of words to me shows how modest (or maybe insecure) Indigo is with valuing her RL works. But all I see is a series of wonderful creations born from a sensitive mind. I find the works hard to describe and better write how it feels to me to be in this intimate little gallery. The chosen windlight colour is a hazy green, which gave to me the feeling to be in nature, a forest atmosphere. For the bright colours on some of the pics maybe not the best light, but for the gallery as a whole I think it fits very well. It feels as if I am wandering around in Indigo’s mind of silence and imagination. The interesting thing is Indigo told me she has to turn her mind off to create and only listening to music helps her to tune on invisible waves. I consider these invisible waves to represent the deeper mind of Indigo :)


No ego

All I want to do with this blog is to make you visit this nice gallery. It absolutely deserves attention and is a pleasure to spend some time in to blend your mind with Indigo’s mind. Art as it is supposed to be. A personal expression that communicates with you on an invisible level, reflective, meaningful and without any ambition to want to overwhelm you by the power of ego. That to me is a very pleasant way of being and for that reason I really pity to see this gallery disappear soon.

Visiting and information

Indigo added some seats and decoration as well as animations in front of several of her works. Be sure to have your advanced lightning and projector view on because when hopping on a pose in front of a picture a projector will project an image on your avatar. You can see it on the picture I took. It makes my face cry and look sad. I deliberately chose this one, expressing a melancholic mourning about the end of Indigo Box, unless magic will change her mind ofc :)

You should all go visit the place, just to feel how it feels to sit and look and play with poses. Nice for a photoshoot or just contemplate. Thank you Indigo for sharing your delicate works with us.


TP to Indigo Box

Indigo Claire on Flickr


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