I am Yoong (no I did not misspell my own name)

When your antlers suddenly look very small


Date and time of birth

I was born in 1962 at 6:05 AM. I am happy to have no memories of that. The idea to get squeezed out of a womb souns like a traumatising event no one would like to be able to recall. I also do not remember what my first memory is, because many memories will have been ‘implanted’ via photographs, stories or other triggers fooling me with what is a real memory or a fake memory. I do know I was born as double Scorpio (zodiac and ascendant). I don’t know if that matters and is of any true value except entertainment. Astrology never has been an expertise I trust and only read for fun, like many of us do probably. It is a bit like with these famous Myers Briggs Personality indications. Extremely popular but not based on any scientific research. I did that test for fun as well several times and was a different type every time I took it. That can be me having changed of course, or maybe  taking the test with a lack of  attention, but I cannot escape the opinion it more likely is because you can answer in a too free way with too many variables making it result A one day and result B the other day and both having a description you recognise or can identify with, since these descriptions are written in a way it always will have SOMETHING of you matching with it. But since I cannot change my date and time of birth I am doomed to be a double Scorpio all my life! No test to escape that :P



So what if it is all true?

Let me first copy paste what I read today on an astrology site.  I don’t want to look like the author of it so the link is here and here.


Strengthen of Rising Sign Scorpio

Reliable, dynamic, passionate, predominant, nifty, determined, enthusiastic, insistent, humorous, intelligent, discreet, ascetic, helpful, hard-working, calm, superior, dynamic, agile, friendly, secretive, subtle, keen, profound, ambitious, intense, sensitive, persevering.


Weaknesses of Rising Sign Scorpio

Labile, unconscionable, arrogant, self-opinionated, obsessive, compulsive, pessimistic, uncompromising, perfectionistic, jealous, inconsiderate, perfidiously, cold, weak, disorientated, devious, sublime, dogmatic, envious, insincere, virulent, vicious, querulous, intolerant, inconsiderate and indelicate.


Other characteristics

Birthday: 24th October – 22nd November

Ruling Planet: Mars (old) / Pluto (new)

Gender: Female

Element: Water

Temperament: Melancholic

Type: The wretched, courageous, and passionate person.

Physical correspondence: Abdomen, reproductive organs, bladder, pelvis, excretory organs, cecum, red blood cells, nose



Zodiac Scorpio

Scorpios are helpfulreliableand hardworking.  They look outwardly calm, but are dynamic, outgoing and have a keen intelligence. Scorpios are, like the other two water Zodiac signs,  Cancer and Pisces, so to say, long-term types. But they do not take any risks; they avoid holy water like the devil.

They often carry their hearts on their tongue. A targeted look is followed by the right word, which is usually properly set. People under this Zodiac sign are agile, skillful in their conversation, quickly recognise the situation, and then set their own goals. They lurk on their chance, and they react immediately so that a potential opponent will undoubtedly be subject to a repartee. Anyway, such a blow always hits. If they are cornered, Scorpios can resist more than the other two water signs.

Silence is a trait that Scorpio dominates more than anything else. What sets them apart from all other signs of the zodiac is that they apparently cannot live without problems. They probably know that they can solve all of the issues that come their way. And that’s why they often seem to create problems when they are lacking. Those who know Scorpios also know that sometimes they have prophetic gifts.

Scorpions are also ideal hosts and friendly people. They enjoy entertaining people. They are very persistent, and such conversations can often last into the night when a Scorpio is a host. Scorpios are certainly not simple personalities. They are just different from everyone else, and what they do, or want to do or have done, seems to be out of time. Maybe that’s why they are not always immediately understood. They can reach for utopia to realise something before the time is right.

When it comes to a specific goal, they become passionate and do not accept compromise. Scorpios struggle hard to reach their goal. They can also become arrogant since they cannot bear the fact that the purpose they are fighting for could be wrong. Either they create great things, or they go down with their deeds. Top it or chop it: that’s their attitude to life, they do not know anything else.

Scorpio men’s attitude to love

Scorpio men have legendary fame as fiery lovers, which is almost universally known. And that’s the way it is; they’re like that because you have to think about the two planets affecting them. You immediately realise that this legendary fame is a fact.

Scorpio women’s attitude to love

Even in Scorpio women, the fire of love burns very strongly. One must have experienced their glowing glances to realise that they have the power to pull men in droves. Still, they are very selective and make high demands on the masters of creation, and that is why they are always on the lookout for something better to be found. Here it goes on to the love of the Scorpio women.



Ascendant Scorpio

Persons with ascendant Scorpio develop a great passion. No matter whether there are new hobbies, a new love or new personal life objectives. When interest and enthusiasm once have been aroused, nothing could stop them and prevent the realisation of their ideas and dreams. Therefore Ascendant Scorpio shows considerable insistence.

They cling to their initial concept and would not like to change their mind by other person’s advice or ancillary agreements. They do not listen to that or follow such advice. Almost this could give the impression of being compulsive and obsessed to get the yearned result finally. Deferring own requirements to be succeeded in getting better conditions. Ascendant Scorpio is idealistic and pedantic. So it will not be easy to realise their objects and ideas in life.

Forced by high demands, there is no room for failure – when it would occur there will no satisfying solution being accepted. If there is no way out of their disaster they blame and express accusation. Notorious enthusiasm is changing to profound self-doubt. Every single defeat reveals shame.

About profession and career, Ascendant Scorpio is keen to experiment and likes to get to the bottom of things. They tend to go deeper into the matter than simply believing in looking for adventure by finding out the spirit and limits. Referring to love and relationship, they are more reliable and trusting in a constant process.


So yes, what if it all would be true? If I would be a man and believe in what is said about Zodiac sign Scorpio and Ascendant Scorpio, I would probably be fascinated and terrified both. Not someone to get in trouble with, but also a challenge for something intriguing. But so many others with other signs and ascendants will generate the same feeling I am sure. So I can choose to flatter myself with the positive values and torture myself with the weak values, but the best thing I can do is just be me and not pretend or wish to be a preformatted page on a website. It will feed me with false ideas on who and how I am and even could influence how I perceive the rest of my life because all will have to be explained in a way that aligns it with the Scorpio image.


Hah! You just try to escape the negative parts with this!

Oh hell yes, but I have plenty others for your concern, don’t worry. In fact I do recognise some of the negative parts if I am honest, and also of the positive parts, so no escape strategy here. But I am sure you also recognise parts and are not a Scorpio, that’s the whole thing. But ok, if I had to choose a few positive and few negative as most present in me it would be these I think:

Positive: intense and humor. Intense because it covers a lot of other things I have in me. When I do something I do it with a certain intensity and passion making it work well.  And humor because I would die without. It gives me the opportunity to not drown in bitterness or sadness when shit happens.

Negative: Uncompromising and compulsive. The uncompromising is not an easy one to deal with, also not for others, but it is how I am when a case matters to me in a very strong way. All or nothing. Relates to being dedicated to what I like to see succeed. Compulsive is close to that. I will do what it takes to get things done and that can mean I will work long days or nights if needed and hardly feel I am tired. It is seen as negative but I actually like it that way because it brings me higher in being effective, creative, productive and satisfied. To have that every day would be bad yes.

Anyway,  if this all here defines a true Scorpio for you then be my guest. Or maybe I will be your unwanted guest after all :)  The passionate yet dangerous person who will kill all who dare to approach her in the wrong way and who never will forgive. Or am I the passionate yet cute person who will warm all who approach her in the right way and who always forgives :)


Silence is like snow. A magic cover wiping out noise.



There is one other thing I have to admit to see as an accurate characteristic for myself. It is the love for silence and solitude. Maybe because when I am in the other mood of being very much away from silence, I need it to get stay balanced. A space with one around, no distractions and no noise of any kind. Just silence, nature and me. Music can come to visit as well, but only certain music with the right power to add to that mood of calmness, relaxation and thinking. I fear thinking, too much thinking is the only noise I never learned to stop, but I am quite used to that by now and it makes me write blogs to empty my head. Thinking goes well with silence, even if sometimes it also can keep the mind from sleeping and letting go. It mainly is about life and how small we are compared to what surrounds us. And about how to deal with that because it makes life so hard to understand when being such a small part of a much bigger and complex network of life.



I would like to call myself a Yoong personality. The ones inventing Yin and Yang just forgot something, but I will forgive them. Yoong is a character with a mix of  Yin, Yang and Yoon. Very rare and special for sure. Very imperfect as well because who needs 3 elements instead of only 2 to define a character?  There is hope however because also imperfect humans can create perfect things. That’s what keeps us going is it not? So, here we go, perfect music for contemplating on who we are and what defines us. Maybe Richter is a Yoong? I hope so. What are you?



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