F.E.A.R. is open! My first sim design :)

Yes, F.E.A.R. is open ^^

About a month ago I decided to take a homestead in SL. I always wanted to make a complete sim creation but never really pushed it hard enough to also do so. Plus that it costs and really needs a good motivation to not mess with that too much. For me that motivation came a bit unexpected and from a somewhat itchy event. I will not go into details on that, but it made me wish to have privacy, solitude and space. Those always are my rescue buoys when the mind starts to tackle me into being insecure, anxious, sad and ritualistic in an OCD way.


Another thing I did was attend a webinar from a UK health organization, helping people with anxieties and more. That was a good choice so appeared. Because one of the first things I was confronted with was the abbreviation F.E.A.R. I had to look up later where it originated from and it seems it is from a book written by Stephen King, Dr Sleep: FEAR stands for Face Everything and Recover. It also can be used in an alternate way: Fuck Everything and Run. It also seems to be used for AA meetings.


Anyway it does not matter so much where it is from, but for me it came at the exact right time. It was like someone shaking me up and telling me: You RUN instead of FACING it. Hiding in too much protection is safe but not always the best choice. So at that very moment I decided my RUNNING was over again. I kept my head together and spoke with and to myself a lot to get it back in shape for being the ‘Face Everything and Recover’ mind. It is  true I did that in silence and isolation (hence my being not social for more than a month by now), so I was still hiding a bit maybe, but at the same time I started to work hard at the homestead to make it a nice place and to not keep it to myself only when done.


Creative work is a huge mind drug as well, so during all these weeks my state of mind became strong, determined and focussed again. Woot woot, SL really can be a great help in so many things :)  And today I am happy to announce the sim is ready and open  for public. If that will be permanent I cannot promise, because hermits like silence and solitude anyhow, with and without fears inside them, but for now it will be open.



What’s there?

The name of the sim is Joep, but I renamed it to F.E.A.R  because of the why and how it became what it is now. Nothing to do with entering a place full of fears. More the opposite. I made a place I would like in RL as my living space. Nature, views, mountains and water. Yes pretty standard I know, but those elements just make me happy and calm, also in SL. Think of it a bit like a Scandinavian fjord maybe, but nothing specific in mind or pretending to represent that very precisely.


For the rest the sim has several places to sit, though for some you may have to peek around the corners a bit. There are 2 houses. One smaller, a rebuild after a design of someone else (does not want to be mentioned) and a very big one, a Lake house, made by the Rebourne brand from Danny and Suite Borne. I fell in love with that house the moment it was released, but never had a place big enough to do it right. Now I have and I feel like a fancy millionaire to be the proud, picky and somewhat peculiar owner of so much space and luxury. And nooooo it is NOT huge in Land Impact, just huge in size… which makes the prim count very low actually. You can get it yourself here:


Lake House Rebourne



The houses are all decorated by myself, like the whole sim is as well. The small house is a cosy place to hang out and may at times be private when I like to sit with friends and be the anti-social sim host. The big house is a mix of stylish, arty, erotic decoration with a twist.  Thank you Theda Tammas for your works and  Cherry Manga as well, though I willingly and knowingly molested yours a bit.  Furthermore I  used work from Romy Nayar and Giovanna Cerise. I also placed some elements from the LaLawood project in it. Thank you Iono Allen for the movie. It can be watched in the attic.  And I have to say a big thank you to mr M from the notorious M & M duo who run Valmoor, because I was allowed to use some of his inventory  items in the house, making my millionaire lifestyle a bit cheaper. Always make friends with an expensive furniture preference . . . just an advice, thanks Mako Vitti!  :P


The sim is ADULT rated. Just to prevent stupid rules of TOS that make people wine and nag and report other people. Yep, that is a hobby of some here. It does not mean that I am open for sex invites by who visits the place, but feel free to do whatever it is you need or want to do, as long as you do not spoil it  for other visitors present as well. If needed I will play judge, lawyer and police officer all at once and speak a verdict without mercy of course.  No rez permissions except derezzing yourself if you get bored of all that nature and pics staring at you. When I am around, and I will be, I will not always really BE there. I have a parking license at my own sim, soooo, just know I can be completely silent while seemingly present.


There are two  WL settings used. A darker one (TOR NIGHT: Dark came over) in the houses and a custom made lighter one outside. If you have set your WL to change automatically it will be visible. To see the sim surround it matters to have your Draw Distance at 256m.


One last thing: Please take 1.5 m distance with sex and other interactions and wash your hands before tp-ing into my disinfected area of sweet nature without spooky viruses.



Where is it?

In SL of course, where else.
Ah ok, the sim, sorry yes:
F.E.A.R. Face Everything And Recover
Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy. If not also ok, because I will anyway :)


Oh and remember this: You always have a choice



We all know this one: “I had no other choice.” It sounds acceptable but in most cases it is not true. It is just a way of saying you made a choice and found that choice was the one and only to make. But characterizing it as ‘I had no other choice’ already means you refer to the option of other choices. The choice to not make this particular choice to start with . . .


I can choose to take care of my ill partner and tell everyone I have no other choice. But I also can choose to not take care of him. Of course that would be a very cold and hard choice and most of us will never do so, but it is better to not call it having no other choice. It becomes a fate like that, inescapable and no control. Making choices is not about good or bad. It is about what you are able to do by choice and want to do as well. In case of someone with essential /existential fears it matters extra to keep a close eye on the process of choosing.


Fear easily can make all choices for you and keep you in your comfort zone. No fear at all on the other hand can make you reckless and careless. They both come with consequences. Too much and too little protection as result. Make it something in between is not a bad idea :)  Like that you can always walk back in either direction if it becomes too unpleasant.


Or do this:

When I’m counting up my demons
Saw there was one for every day
With the good ones on my shoulder
I drove the other ones away
If you ever feel neglected
If you think all is lost
I’ll be counting up my demons yeah
Hoping everything’s not lost
When you thought that it was over
You could feel it all around
Everybody’s out to get you
Don’t you let it drag you down
‘Cause if you ever feel neglected
If you think that all is lost
I’ll be counting up my demons yeah
Hoping everything’s not lost
If you ever feel neglected
If you think all is lost
I’ll be counting up my demons yeah
Hoping everything’s not lost
Singing out
Oh oh oh yeah, oh oh yeah, oh oh yeah
Everything’s not lost
Come on yeah oh oh yeah come on yeah
Everything’s not lost
Oh oh oh yeah oh oh yeah oh oh yeah
And everything’s not lost
Come on yeah oh oh yeah come on yeah
Come on yeah oh oh yeah come on yeah
Everything’s not lost
Sing out yeah oh oh yeah come on yeah
Everything’s not lost
Come on yeah oh oh yeah sing out yeah
Everything’s not lost
Now I never meant to do you wrong
But that’s what I came here to say
But if I was wrong, then I’m sorry
I don’t let it stand in our way
‘Cause my head just hates when I think of
The things that I shouldn’t have done
But life is for living, we all know
And I don’t wanna live it alone
Sing out, ah ah
Sing ah ah ah
And just sing ah ah ah ah ah


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