Empty Minds by Romy Nayar @ MetaLES


What would we be without a mind? Mindless to start with as a fact.  No more mindfulness, no narrow minded views anymore,  mind blowing experiences would be gone and if someone would give you a reminder it would have no effect. Totally absurd yes. But since we do have a mind, we better use it well.



At MetaLES Romy Nayar created a situation of EMPTY MINDS. The difference between NO MIND and an EMPTY MIND is significant. No mind means no possibility none whatsoever to ever use it. An empty mind however is just functioning in a poor way. In general we never see ourselves as empty minds. Empty minds are for others. The ones we can point at and describe as stupid people and with that upgrading our own mind to the level of smart and good. Unfortunately the sad reality is we all suffer from having an empty mind regularly. If we are truly honest we can mention several things we did and especially things we did NOT, that would fit perfect into the scenery at MetaLES. Not always deliberately and planned, but just because we are humans that fail to function like a machine. To not be a machine is good and we should keep it that way. But a mind that stops to function to its best capacities needs a certain impulse of self-awareness to be able to anticipate in cases of empty mind behaviour. We sometimes just need our asses to be kicked (when lazy to act) or a motivation (when apathy and emptiness strike).




The scenery created at MetaLES by Romy Nayar shows what humans do when their ideas are being absorbed by the power of emptiness. The ‘ignorance is bliss’ in optima forma. What you will see is the effect of an empty mind. People discard their ideas ( in a machine at the start of the exhibition) and after that act without any clue about how useless or meaningless it is what they do and don’t do. Pouring water in the sea, fishing with the wrong object, being absorbed by mindless TV’s, endlessly pushing a button that does not have to be pushed, etc etc. Many people even become lethargic,  just staring and standing, alone or in a group.  It’s not that they have lost their senses for beauty and things like art, music and books, it’s just that they have lost the ability to interact with it in a way that creates new beauty and new ideas. If by any chance someone does feel some sort of idea, it scares them and they will get rid of it to go back to the state of an empty mind. Better be safe.



These kind of minds never think independently and always will surrender to the safety of letting others think and act. The utmost they will do is follow the trail of these others, but only when it gives them cover, comfort and a low risk life. They prefer a caged life behind fences that protect them and guarantee there will be no intruders. It is totally OK when this happens from time to time. We need it when life is hard on us or when having no energy left. But when it becomes a permanent state of mind   . . . . . .  hmmmmmm  . . . .  boring, dangerous and risk of becoming lazy. We are not meant to solve all problems in the world, but to act like a zombie is the opposite and both not very stimulating.



I was glad to see Romy has taken care of  preventing a disaster, which is bound to happen with an empty mind. The human mind is powerful and flexible. It can regenerate tremendously and achieve new things when challenges seduce that mind to become active again. I am sure you all know that feeling in some way. To feel new motivation and energy that makes you move into another direction and starts to empower your mind. When such a thing happens you feel happy and free. You feel like having a plan and wanting to make a difference. If not for a society or community then at least for your personal life.

There is no better way to show this revival of a mind with a (re)activation of LOVE. When love fills you, smells at you and tickles you, you are lost into wanting to explore it. Love for books, for life, for people, for animals, for the wellbeing of persons, for creation, for art, for music, for yourself, for the weather, for peace, for helping others, for making decisions, for taking initiative, for meaningful talks, and so on and so on. That message is visualised in 2 embracing figures at the end of your empty mind tour. They (re)discovered their love for life after all and start their way back to a full and (inter)active mind.



Do go and see this wonderful exibition with well made objects and an atmosphere that adds to this feeling of being lost into emptiness. At the main entrance you can get a notecard and TP to ground level.  At the landing point you can take 2 free avatars (male and female). Also use sim light and activate sounds for a more immersed experience. You can TP back to the main entrance to visit the two other exhibits at MetaLES, both highly recommended.

WILD LOST LINE, Art/sound performance by MORLITA Quan
MELANCHOLY, with art works made by Ini Inaka

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All exhibitions at MetaLES are curated by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar
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  • Romy Nayar

    Your words make my empty mind to feel alive. It is a pleasure as always to read to you. You are an artist in every way, you make your world visible, clear and you share with an incredible talent. Thanks for your time, it’s an honor.


    • 99 Faces

      Awww Romy, you overwhelm me with these utterly kind words. All I can say is that your work brings me inspiration and motivation to think and write. So the honour and pleasure are totally mine :-))

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