• Storie's

    So …about the ‘ duck lips’
    well for me in the past they were a nightmare i must i must say and to hear also that i am not alone an it’s not just me that had this Quack Quack issue .
    I spent hours especially with the catwa heads for some reason for me never worked out . no matter what skin i wore or how thin i made the lips well…ever same result = flapper lips..
    and from the side view … my lips looked like a open clothespin ,,,
    just horrifying which reminds me also the nose was a nightmare for me but will leave that for another time…remind me :)

    Okay a different head bought – Lelutka and then wound up with a cheekbone issue.. too strong too high to stern ( basically i tried all HEADS)
    “Genus ” and this worked better for me because i have had much more power to really change things around ( mostly the lips ..)
    I’m telling you the fish lip horror had me in edit for hours most nights.

    btw ( Extreme big lips and extreme big booties i do admit i stare alot and try in my mind to figure out – ‘Whyy…. whyy…
    but hey .”.live and let live ”
    ATM i am experimenting with the lips ‘Width’ and find myself liking strange ‘Lips” not fishy okay..but strange okay.
    oh and and not worried about being fashionable really
    just feel a need to kina feel like – ‘me’

    However i do admit i love playing with the heads:)
    BTW = Yoon – you look prrrr fect :)

    Thanks for this long waited blog …lalala

    • 99 Faces

      Hahaha, I knew you would take the opportunity to comment on your battle with heads ^^
      It makes me laugh , your choice of words. Quak quak and flapper lips . . .
      I guess we all have our own style yes, but also are dependent on what is being created of course. Akeruka for instance has not much skins to choose from because for some reason not popular or something. . . .
      I remember very well when Catwa took over the market and raised their price instantly as well making it become an insane investment to do. . . . Even make people pay for a seperate hud etc. It is one big milk cow. . . . Heads, bodies and skins….

      Overall I like the huds from Lelutka best, apart from the heads itself not being my taste. They have good options and are easy in use, look nice and not too complex.

      One of the reasons I did not update the Maitreya body yet is because it has become a study object more than a nice and easy plug and play like hud. I know once I have done it and took time to get used to it I will be ok with it, but imagine the newcomers to have to deal with such complexity right away . . . not so good. . .

      • Storie's

        LaLaLa …i’m innocent :) oh your forgot the “open clothespin ,,,lips” …line…
        btw of the 2 avatars I do use well one is bom and one remains normally because i’m lazy and yes i agree the newcomers must have much to deal with .
        and lastly i agree – its one big milk cow ( referring to the flappers)
        okay ‘get my lawyer -o_0
        “Happy weekend Yoon – whispers hahha yessa i loved this blog!

  • Mady

    The truth is I wouldn’t use the duck lips face if lelutka evo x heads had better cheeks, eyes and nose bridges. Where with the duck lip heads all those things aren’t an issue. I work in fashion for real though fairly low level but makeup for artistry isn’t something to make fun of.

    • 99 Faces

      I did not retest the newer heads so well but am using Avalon EVO X now myself.
      No duck lips on that one. Your concerns with cheeks, eyes and nose bridge I do not recognise for myself on Avalon.
      But well, it also often is just a matter of personal taste/style and how we want our avatar to be, plus it really can make a difference what skin we choose.
      Some skins just show better on a head than others, making it easier to reshape what we dislike.
      Thanks for reading and commenting ; )

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