Dancing In Between by Theda Tammas @ Dixmix Gallery


A new installation created by Theda Tammas and hosted by Dixmix Gallery (Dixmix Source and Megan Prumier) is worth a visit. Its title ‘Dancing In Between’ can be seen as a metaphor for the ever compelling movements we make in life. All we experience generates a certain change in how we feel, choose and evolve to better or worse. Dancing in between moods of harmony and distress is how I feel the installation. The sculptures placed in a dark skybox all are animated through animesh technique, so you do need an updated viewer to be able to see that. Furthermore it matters to follow the instructions on the wall before you walk through the actual doors on ground level. High or ultra settings, Phototools Breakwave WL and projectors and shadows  and all other boxes for light settings ticked will give the best view.  Then walk through the doors and they will activate a request to accept an experience in your viewer. Clicking YES will teleport you to the skybox for the actual installation.


Queen of Drama without blah blah

Regular visitors of Theda’s work will know her love for dramatic work. Haunted and tortured sculptures with often black, red and white colours in a dark environment is why one could call Theda the SL Queen of Drama. And yes, that’s something else than being a dramaqueen to be clear! In fact Theda is not that at all and just a lalala girl with lalala language. No idea what that is? Then you have never visited her work lately or seen her around at music venues. But ok, it is true only a few well informed nutters know this language and I am privileged to be one of them. You can become one too if you feel attracted to nice people without blah blah and only lala. Enough blah blah in the world already anyway, also in Second Life :)



All I know of Animesh is that it requires a rigged structure like adding bones/a skeleton to a structure to make an animesh script work well with it. You then can add a dance or other movement to it and the mesh will start to come alive   . . .   It sounds easier than it is I am sure, and I myself never looked into it so far,  too lazy and occupied with other things, but the rigging seems to be the hardest part. If Theda rigged herself I really do not know and I also do not really care. What I like of this installation is the overall impression it leaves, the minimalistic setting and powerful emotional human reflections. I also really like Theda is one of the few actually improving and renewing her work with a new technique. Yes I also sometimes said things like: “Oh Theda and the dramatic sculptures again”, because it can look like repetitive maybe, but see how she makes them come to life now which adds a whole new feeling to it (well for me at least).  So bravo Theda and I look forward to further improvements of a less lazy and more skilled person than I am.

Edit: Theda rigged the sculptures herself she told me :)



The opening last Saturday evening was done together with a great music set by SoPHia LoR, also a lala girl, but an even worse lala girl because she is a rebel and fury when you try to blah blah her. No seriously, Sophia is a cool person as well and her choice of music matched very well with the installation. Not surprised it was busy and well deserved for both ladies.



Below you will find a visual impression via a  Slidely Gallery. If it does not show up in this blog try the weblink please.  Some seem to have issues with this feature, but I cannot solve that unfortunately.

Web link: SLIDELY

Music added is from Santanalala, what else with Theda :-), Singing Winds, Crying Beasts.

[advanced_iframe src=”https://slide.ly/gallery/embed/61b944d9c24b277fc3a9ad42aa206ca6//audio/0″ width=”1200″ height=”674″”]


I also made 2 short ‘movie’ shots for you to see the animesh. It needs a visit inworld to get a better idea of course.





Where can I go LaLa?

TP to the Lalala domain /oops Dixmix Gallery I mean, is here:

No Blah Blah

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