Code is Poetry: Everywhere and nowhere from JadeYu Fhang @ Split Screen Installation Space

WordPress  meets Jade

Code is Poetry, the famous tagline used by WordPress (blog software I also use) is what came to my mind when visiting the latest installation of JadeYu Fhang at Split Screen Installation Space. Jade’s installations always are impressive and mind blowing. A true virtual artist with work that breaths soul and mind. She often uses big atmospheric layers, creating their own universe of space, time, and location in what can be seen as parallel worlds of her vivid imagination. These big layers always are called CODE by Jade and give a very unique character to her creations. It makes the scenery look like a poetic and epic chaos with no beginning and no end. Nothing ever looks the same due to this and it will invite you to look again and again and again and again. With so many angles and entanglements you feel like spinning around in a vacuum of everywhere and nowhere. Code like this is poetry indeed.

Space time

The installation also made me think of Einstein and his space time. This kind of time we cannot really experience because it only can be measured at the speed of light, but I saw an interesting documentary last week with Stephen Hawking, who tried to explain it in a simple and visual way. In short he showed a cube with layers. All layers were at the exact same location (x, y, z) but differed in time. The lowest layer was in a past, then a next one a bit later, etcetera, like a little tower. Imagine yourself to be have been at that location at 10 different moments in time. Every time you were there you interacted with that space/location via your mass and energy as person. You leave a little footprint, like in sand. Every time you revisit at another time there will be another footprint and together it is a huge footprint, kind of making a little dimple in time like you will do when sitting on a couch. Your presence in all these different moments bend time a little, making it possible you move a bit through time. We are however too slow to really experience this phenomena, so it keeps a theory we only can try to imagine. But, all of your footprints in time and place are connected as one YOU, just it looks as if time separated it in several existences of you, not linked, not wired, as if no space time exists,  because our perception of time is limited.

When walking around at ‘Everywhere and nowhere’ it feels a bit like that for me. As if each time (!) another episode in time is being highlighted, very different and fluid, yet all connected as well because of space time and no absolute measures. The music you hear is a vague and mysterious yearning, but also a clear sonar. It is composed by Morlita Quan, another ‘code is poetry’ specialist, but with sounds :) Music is mathematics after all, so again this quote is hitting the nail for me here. The sound/song makes it feel like being on a search for some kind of truth, a resonance from a space where all will be solved and ok, or maybe thats’s what we hope but never will find. Saviour or victim, what will it be for you, for me, for us?  I will not go in detail so much about all that can be SEEN. You just go see for yourself and have an unspoiled visit with surprises to make you go WOW :)

Is there some clue to this installation?

For me I think not. Trying to explain it in abstract absolute terms would do no good to this journey through a landscape of ethereal visions and experiences. I think we more or less look into a  virtual black hole that draws you inside in a place where things can be seen and heard we only can experience in another dimension like space time. Reflections on life, happiness, hope, sadness. Juggling of logics and sense. Total immersion into the multiverse of Jade’s creative mind, but luckily with a TP back home as well to not become a supernova somewhere in the middle of everywhere and nowhere :)


Last but not least I include a very nice video/machinima made by Iono Allen:

Split Screen Installation Space, curated by Dividni Shostakovich, also hosts a second installation: Krystali Rabeni’s The Games We PlayYou will find a TP at the landing point. And this: For the next 6 months Dividni is happy to have found his temporary home at LEA, but if you feel like supporting him for after that ( he needs a new place) please read my previous blog and Dividni,’s comment on this post to find out how :) Another nice blog I read about this exhibit was written by Oema Resident. See information below:



TP to Split Screen Installation Space at LEA 15: LEA 15 Everywhere and nowhere
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Dividni Shostakovich blog:
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Genius by Stephen Hawking: GENIUS documentary series by PBS


  • Dividni Shostakovich

    Excellent, thoughtful post — thanks! (I added it to the list of known posts about the current installations on my blog at A little clarification about Split Screen’s residency at LEA: residencies are for six months. Mine is for July through December, so 1 1/2 months have passed already. There is a possibility of a renewal for another six months (January-June 2018), although I’ll have to apply for that, and one can renew only once.

    In the meantime, as I did before Split Screen had to move, I give artists three months to build and show their work.. That means JadeYu’s and Krystali’s pieces will be up only until the end of September — everyone should see it while they can, before the next artists move in!

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