Brainstorm by Kara Mellow


Being a puppy is closer than you think

Parietal advisory, explicit content

Parietal? Not Parental? New label? Oh wait, no you misspelled it, right? None of that I can tell you. Parietal in this context is a typical word joke of Kara Mellow. He uses many in his latest installation called Brainstorm. Normally an advisory label indeed is parental due to explicit audio content, but the explicit content in this installation is visual and relates to human brains and how they often are used in a not so flattering way. If you find the visuals explicit depends on your own brains, how you have developed them to categorise the world around you. One thing is sure, Kara is a master in mixing irony, sarcasm, humor and language into an edgy cocktail that shakes you up. You will have to look at his work several times to get the total picture. But then you will see and understand the extremely funny way of how he is exposing behaviors and habits of humans and society in a way that makes you laugh at yourself when you maybe recognise certain elements of your own life  (even when denying it in public of course).

We are who we are, humans, and humans have habits and develop needs we cannot always call healthy, admirable, useful, noble, wise, suitable, ethical, modest, essential or wonderful. Even the most disciplined ascetic characters will have moments in which they are the opposite. Just some are very good at acting and hiding that. Kara makes fun of life events, cultural habits, stupid brainless human acts, and shows you how we all live in a soap opera regularly. You can continue to deny that and believe it yourself, but I think it is more fair to say: ‘Ok ok, I do that too sometimes, I admit.”

Regarding the PARIETAL advisory warning when entering the installation I have a confession. I was too stupid to know what parietal meant when reading it and had to look it up to be able to laugh at it. I felt pretty brainless at that moment, I can tell you, but ok I am not perfect either. In case you also do not know, here is the information:

The parietal part of the brain is related especially to the function of  endogenous attention, which involves attention that is directed based on individual goals or desires. For example, if you are attempting to focus your attention to read this article, you are utilising endogenous attention.

I am so grateful to Kara  I now pushed your parietal advisory by showing endogenous attention to this blog and with that made us all a bit less dumb. Sometimes being dumb is not so bad.



What is Brainstorm?

There really are no better words to describe this installation than the words of Kara himself. The also endogenous attention you will need on that will reveal a lot of word play and set the tone for what to expect.  Please read well and deny, decline or mute  all attentions of others when doing so. That makes you the perfect Brainstorm person:  a bit insane, a bit silly, a bit awkward, a bit normal, a bit exposed, a bit kitten or puppy, a bit bull, a bit oversexed, a bit peculiar, a bit hilarious, a bit pathetic and a bit new generation addict.  I also could have said that fitting into Brainstorm just means you are human. All that do not fit in in some way are the real weirdo’s. They claim to live a life no one could ever live. It makes life dramatic and pathetic yes, to be a fool and addict of something at times. Being in SL also is not the most useful thing to do with your life, so there you go already. We all do it and it’s ok. Until it becomes your whole life and takes all over of course. And that’s how I look at Brainstorm. It exposes our weak and weird things in strong exaggerated ways, at the edge of silly and cynical both or in his own words, at the edge of RIGHT and LEFT, because there is no WRONG. We know much of what we see at Brainstorm is true, just not all THAT bad (yet . . .)  When it actually is that bad already you may like to start think about maybe needing a change before becoming the ultimate example of one of the characters in this installation. Quite sure that’s not a compliment in this case, even if there is no WRONG or RIGHT :)

Installation description by Kara


The installation can be found at La Maison d’Aneli at Vegetal Planet. There are several other exhibitors as well, just I liked this one best myself and therefore blog it here.  It is the last round of la Maison d’Aneli at Vegetal by the way, because the curator Aneli Abeyante decided to go back to Virtual Holland for a stand alone gallery again, which opened at January 29 with another round of exhibitors. If you want to know about that please visit the new gallery.



The Libidus 2.0. Freud is jealous!

But seriously? You posed like a puppy there?

Wow, well spotted. Yes I did. And for a very good reason but I will not tell you. All I tell is you will too when you visit and dare to follow the parietal advisory spirit with paying attention to what you do NOT see in this picture. And I will tell what local chat does when you actually sit,  as extra hint for being a good puppy.

Brainkiller: Welcome to Procrastination – Season 37

At the opening event I sat like this for at least one hour together with a friended lala puppy having super intellectual, amaaaaazingly (lala) intelligent conversations. We cannot do other than that of course. Never a silly word or dumb remark comes from us. We are born to educate the world and so we did. You can ask around if you do not believe, just we were expecting to be rewarded with exclusive highly explicit content, NSFW content, but alas . . .  Kara fooled us and only could tell us we never should believe him. Oh well  . . . .  that’s life.  But, I should do an ironical blog solely on him now as revenge.


In short: GO SEE  this pink absurdistic, realistic madness:)
Oh and why PINK as main color? I did not ask but I think because it shows us the candy world we think we need to be happy. Like the pink clouds with a baby and after a while meet the less sweet elements of being a parietal parent.



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