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Blue Orange Art Project 2


Blue and Orange, complementary colours enhancing each others impact. Blue looks more blue and orange looks more orange than with other colours as partner. But when complementary colours are mixed they show another face, one of greyness, losing all power of having a strong impact. When I started to write this blog I did not know if the name BLUE ORANGE had any association with this little intro, but when you read the rest of this article you will find out where it comes from.



The center and start of Blue Orange is the club in a very well put together underground scenery. In their own words they characterise it as such:

B.O. *Blue Orange*
Friendly bohemian club for music and art lovers. All are welcome to share mood and time.

Alternative, New Wave, Indie, Art Punk, Noise,Psychedelic, Rock, Experimental, Folk Punk, Grunge, Lo-Fi
Classical:Avant-Garde, Modern Composition
Electronic:Ambient, Electro, Electronic Rock, Industrial, Trip Hop, Dub, Ska, Synthpop
Indie Pop, Industrial, Instrumental, Jazz, Blues,
World and a lot of more music without labels, some silly sounds as well.

Blue Orange exists through a cooperation of several people. In Inaka, Gitu Aura,  Khaz Rotaru, Grady Echegaray, Tralala Loordes, Theda Tammas and Porter Tracy.

The real origin of the name ‘Blue Orange’ is based on a play written by English dramatist, Joe Penhall. A sardonically comic piece which touches on race, mental illness, and 21st century British life.
And this surreal poem also is connected with the name of the club:


In the art corners of B.O. the Art Project Two has opened for the public.  Yes, there was an Art Project One as well, but my blog was down at that time and therefore no blog.  And . . . .  at the moment of writing this blog,  I am again participating a kind of  ‘discussion’ about artists and art and how to deal with the overall abuse of these terms and with behaviours that look like what SaveMe would call licking asses. I am not a fan of SaveMe, why would I be, but certain views I support.

Most people stick to the more general opinion that everything can be called art and that it does not matter to shamelessly lobby for recognition as great artist because they like to show boobs, asses, selfies or things that would do well on a souvenir tour,  but ok I guess the difference in meaning and use of the word creator and artist does not exist in the SL universe, so we all are artists . . . .   Just I am not and thankfully there are some others too that will not claim this for their creations only because it is a habit to do so in SL.  Ini (In Inaka), started the discussion, so I simply blame her for being the whiner here. I am of course Pilate, washing my hands in total innocence :P

Note: I understand when people find my view arrogant and as if I feel better or know better. But people who think in that way do not really understand what I mean and why I think how I think. It is not to be arrogant, it is to not become a slave of habits and ‘non-critical easygoing feel good’ attitudes that never ever discuss anything and only accept.



The exhibitors and titles of their contributions to Art Project 2 at Blue Orange are:

  1. Theda Tammas: 3D installation ‘Labirinto’
  2. Cica Ghost: 3D  ‘Rainy Day’
  3. Rebeca Bashly: 3D sculptures ‘The great Escape’
  4. Jarla Capalini: 2D artworks
  5. Gitu Aura: 3D artworks ‘Colourful Dreams’
  6. NicoleX Moonwall: Blue Orange by Nicole
  7. In Inaka: 2D artworks
  8. Igor Ballyhoo: 3D installation ‘Duality’

Coming back at my intro about complementary colours I think this collection of exhibitors matches with that. The difference in atmosphere between what is shown is quite big, but not in a way that makes it inconsistent or gray. In fact it is a perfect contrast between poetic and harsh and soft and strong. You could say a dinner plate with various food. For everyone something to digest that tastes well. I like this kind of collective art spaces. It feels more lively and inspiring than only one taste, though there is nothing wrong with that either of course.

I am not going to fuel the ‘art or not art discussion’ any further in this blog and just will write my personal words to each part of the project. You will have your own views and associations when visiting yourself.


Theda Tammas: 3D installation ‘Labirinto’

Dramatic and strong, the style of Theda. I always like it. Tortured figures trying to find their way through a labyrinth with glass walls. How terrible it must be to SEE where you want to go but not able to find the way. Or maybe it is the opposite. Feeling hope to SEE there are others and a way out. . . .  Whatever it is, it is not an easy road and full of obstacles. Colourful damaged souls trapped in a glass puzzle. Their bodies look like puzzles as well. A puzzled mind, a troubled mind, a constructive mind to make it work in the end and not collapse into pieces. That’s what I felt when in the labyrinth and no I did not find the way out without having to ignore some of the trapped persons . . .  Theda told me there is a way. I guess I did not try hard enough.


Cica Ghost: 3D  ‘Rainy Day’

Talking with Cica always is feeling modesty. She just likes to create things in SL. If it is called art or not is not that important to her and for the B.O. project this is what came to her mind. A greater contrast than with the Labyrinth I could not find. Cica’s sceneries often for me feel like a walk into a children’s book of tales. Sometimes cute, sometimes strange, sometimes dark, but always this unique CICA signature: ‘Reality with a twist’.  Oh and this: Cica’s cats simply are irresistible. You just want one on your lap for real.

Rebeca Bashly: 3D sculptures ‘The great Escape’

Rebeca is one of these creators in SL that manage to impress almost always. Outstanding skills combined with a message she often likes to share through her works. Also Rebeca shows to have studied human anatomy very well. Her sculptures of bodies and faces are very well detailed and in proportion. The great escape is a sculpture of 3 figures. At first sight you just see those 3 figures, but when looking closely it becomes clear what they do, or better to say, what they DON’T do. Eyes, ears and mouth are covered to disable their function, one of them in each figure. It clearly points at the Three Wise Monkeys, but I think Rebeca means to tell us they are not so wise. They are escapists, blind, deaf and silent for what needs attention.  Sometimes we will be tempted to do so, because too much can be too much or too hard can be too hard. But when it becomes a way of life something definitely is wrong. Escaping the world is running away. Facing the world is facing your strength and try to make the best of it.

Jarla Capalini: 2D artworks

Jarla studied art and photography with a painter for several years in real life. In Second Life she began taking pictures soon after the first login in 2007. What she likes most is to play with light, shadows and colours, experimenting with different techniques to make something special from a simple snapshot. She only sells original images of her work in Second Life, which means that when you buy a piece of her work, you own the only existing piece.  When you visit Jarla’s exhibit there is a nice extra, a wearable catalogue with a short bio and overview of exhibitions, with a collection of pictures of some of her other works.

The work of Jarla is what I would call impressionistic work.  Oil look, aquarel look, chalk pastel look, it’s all there and I like how she creates painterly images in a colourful style. The subjects of her works are quite common (land/cityscapes, still life and portraits), but done with great attention. It is again a total contrast with for example the more modern and abstract style you will find in Ini’s work.

Gitu Aura: 3D artworks ‘Colourful Dreams’

Gitu’s work mainly is figurative with some abstract elements in how it is processed. Not necessarily dreamy,  the ‘Colourful Dreams’ series shows I think Gitu’s way of expressing moods and thoughts. It is a nice series with some works I personally like a lot.

I talked with Gitu about her motivation and inspiration. She said: “Art is very important to me, I can’t live without it.It’s like a passion for me, the motor which drives me, my reason for being and never staying at the same point.I love to create and share it with people. Photography is one of my favourite hobbies, what awakens my soul…I just adore to sit and listen to music while i am relaxed and my phantasy fly in the Photoshop.Is the process i never know how will finish, that’s the magic of the moment and creativity…and i am always happy to share what i did create, as art should speak itself…as the silent poetry…the moment to feel…”

Gitu also has her own small gallery called ‘Gitu Art Studio‘.

Her favourite quotes are:

“Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul – and you answer.” ~ Terri Guillemets

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.”- Plutarch

Nicole X Moonwall: Blue Orange by Nicole

Nicole tells to have traveled throughout America and Europe studying and observing artists of a variety of genres, driven by an independent spirit and a need for creative outlets. After several jobs she went to her roots in the south (USA), and returned to a lifestyle that allows her to enjoy her two great passions, woodworking and photography/film making. She also has been making machinimas for the past six years, some of which have qualified for national and international film festivals, including the 2010 Shanghai Worlds Fair at Shangri La. To see those and several other videos please visit this link:

Nicole’s contribution to the Art Project Two consists of something that actually was born from her frequent visits to Blue Orange and her habit to make pictures of visitors and sharing it with them. To have been given a corner for showing these pictures can be seen as a little tribute to Nicole’s promotional activities for Blue Orange. And her corner itself can be seen as a little tribute to the owners and visitors of Blue Orange.

In Inaka: 2D artworks

Ini (In Inaka) shows 2D artworks . The ink graphics she creates I personally adore and I already bought several of them to decorate the SL home I occupy somewhere on the grid. I think I am impressed by her works because they show toughness and are not made to please. Distortion, struggle and a lot of ‘scars’ that surround her figures (lines and scratches and all kinds of ‘noise’ around or in the figures), but there also are works with a soft touch that make you feel more tranquil and at ease. The faces she uses often do not specifically match with 100% male or female and also are not fitting in the beauty standard of SL or RL faces. Different and moving, thats in short how it speaks to me.  Ini likes to study new things and experiment.

Igor Ballyhoo: 3D installation ‘Duality’

Nothing to share on this contribution other than that it is inspired by and dedicated to Tralala Loordes. Just another Ballyhoo, that’s all I say :)



All and all I think the Art Project Two is worth a visit for all who like to see various works in a really nice environment. It is quite amazing how much you can do in a relatively small space when dividing it into subspaces with each its own atmosphere and lightings. Makes you feel like walking through a huge building.


Information and TP’s

When you visit Blue Orange you will find a notecard with all TP’s to the different spaces. Every exhibitor has its own space, so to not get lost I advise to grab this notecard. Therefore I will only give the TP to this notecard giver. You can find it at the information wall (click on the Art Project Two poster). Use environment light where it is recommended for the best experience. For people who like to support B.O. there is a tip jar in the club and if you want to join the group just send a request to either In Inaka or Gitu Aura. The club often has music events as well, in case that was not clear yet, so music lovers can combine such an event with a walk through the rest of the building

TP to information wall: Notecard with all LM’s
As already mentioned in this blog some exhibitors present extra information about their work via a a clickable object.  Just look around to not miss it if interested.


Disclaimer (little wink to Ini)

I had no sex with Gitu, Ini or any other contributor to be able to write this blog and no one was pleased excessively to gain attention and credits. Maybe next time :P


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