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Betty Tureaud in Second Life

I think not many in Second Life will not know this name. At least the ones that like to visit exhibitions and installations will recognise work of Betty Tureaud in a split second. I think all of her work in Second Life is characterised by the use of fluorescent hologram colours, often placed in big spheres and installations. The most recent work of Betty can be visited at LEA 19 at this moment. It is called The Art Rocket with as subtitle: ‘Take a rocket travel in space and light into Betty’s universe of colour.’



From Betty’s own website I quote:

Born in SL 11-01-2007 Betty Tureaud is an artist in real life and in Second Life. Her education includes the Danish Design School. Betty never transfers her Real Life art to Second Life. All her art is made in-world and never leaves Second Life. She is a hyper maniac doing all kinds of stuff in Second Life.

I love to put some scripting in my art and bright colours are my favourite. Mexicans make me think about the colourfulness. I love artwork coming from Mexican Indians. The colours are so bright and sometimes shocking for your eyes. It makes me also think at Frida Kahlo who made some wonderful colour paintings in which she expressed her own pain. My art is a more happy happy style, but I also get my inspiration from the real world.


Impression and experience of Betty’s work in Second Life

I think many people, including myself, are guilty as charged to sometimes say words like: Oh Betty again with her colours. Not always meant to be flattering I am sure. But it is also the easy way of looking at it. As if colours define a certain quality. Through the years (me originating from March 2011) we have been spoiled more and more with sublime textures and  builds in Second Life. But especially in the ART field sublime textures and builds never automatically are a synonym for being sublime as artist as well.  Someone can create a perfect work in a visual way, but with an art value of zero and vice versa.

Just as humans we tend to have a sensitive relation with aesthetics, like in RL. Things or people that look well in a visual way almost always get more attention and higher levels of value, at least at first sight it works like that. We (too) easily link certain expectations and characteristics to all that looks WELL in a VISUAL way. Handsome/pretty human beings, an aesthetically attractive art work, they all trigger this feeling of . . . that’s a great work made by a great person with a wonderful mind. On the other hand if we see something that does not fit in the general aesthetics we tend to value all a bit lower, as if it simply cannot be expected to be more than how it visually leaves an impression.

I do not know if this kind of lower value is present concerning Betty Tureaud’s work, but Betty’s work is a good example for having not the perfect looks with great textures and super complex builds.

And yes it is true that the ‘Betty’ colours are not a thing everyone maybe will appreciate, they are not my favourite wallpaper colours either, but it is for that reason I asked Betty to give me a tour at her home sim Danish Visions. After all I can be a too fast judging sceptic as well, so it is good to sometimes tackle myself into a new corner for a different immersion with an open mind and view. To know a bit more about a person also gives another look.

So we walked and talked a few hours this week and during this tour I noticed my perception indeed changed. Suddenly the massive amount of colours and low tech textures made me leave the idea of needing ‘normal’ colours and complex texturing and builds to have a pleasant trip.  I just went for the highly interactive ride and became a bit like a little kid in a playroom. How can awakening a kid be of low value :) It maybe is the most precious thing we need to cherish and keep alive. That in itself maybe is not art, but to trigger such a playful mood with very basic elements is something I value deep. Like a kid being as much happy with a simple card box as with a box full of expensive lego, meaning that imagination and immersion in how we relate to objects makes the experience a good one.


The Art Rocket at LEA 19

I asked Betty if she has a SPACE love in RL and she gave me a very funny answer I will not share :P   Maybe if  you ask Betty politely she is willing to share herself but don’t blame the messenger. ^^ Fact is you have to sit on the rocket at the landing point at LEA 19 to start your tour. Click on it after sitting and be patient to wait for the rocket to have a lift off :) After that a notecard with an attached HUD object is offered. You really need it, so do not discard, just wear it and click on the icons. Each icon will rezz a little object (colourful ofc) to sit on. It then takes a few seconds to launch you to the level it corresponds with. Once there you also have to read LOCAL CHAT, because sometimes there are instructions to follow to understand what to do.  That’s all I am going to say and I mention to be aware of gifts at certain levels, which you can achieve  by playing around. Soooooo, be the kid and enjoy the (also highly interactive) ride :)

That being said Betty herself also is a kind of icon in SL I suppose. Here since almost the start of Second Life and still going strong. Always optimistic and attentive, always productive, never tired of Second Life. That’s kind of rare I think.



Danish Visions

Danish Visions consists of a small public sandbox and also is the home sim of Betty where you can visit more of her work. Also at Danish Visions the best thing to do for visiting Betty’s work is take the HUD. You can obtain it by clicking on a board with a navigator map close to the building on ground level. After wearing it and clicking it you will receive TP’s in local chat.  Betty also has a house and garden which are used to collect works from other artists as well as some of her own.  By clicking on the works IN the house they provide information about the creator. Sometimes there are little things like motion sensors triggering a change in what you see. And since Betty is Big Brother’s sister she has camera’s all over the place to prevent you from behaving bad. . . . .   ;-) Betty is a nice and happy person however, so she never will tell her Big Brother. Maybe she even banned and muted him, to make sure we all have our freedom and keep (in)sane like a kid :)

For your convenience I will paste the main LM for Danish Visions here: Danish Visions
Note from Betty about her home sim:

A place for art exhibitions and home of a contemporary art collection.
In the grounds is a beautiful architectural exhibition building and an open air exhibition of art installations.


Biography and overview of all works made by Betty: Betty’s Second Life

TP to The Art Rocket: LEA 19 THE ART ROCKET

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