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Get Lost

Gem Preiz is a man of wisdom and the creator of Sapiens at LEA 9.  At the entrance of Sapiens you are told to get lost. The notecard with information about Sapiens is very clear about that:  “Sapiens” is an installation which is not conceived to be visited but to get visitors lost.

Get lost meanings:

  • Lose direction
  • Tell someone to go away

Sapiens meaning:

  • Wisdom

The question is what kind of getting lost Gem has in mind, disorientation or go away. Going away would mean you never will discover Sapiens. But at least you won’t lose direction. Becoming disorientated however means you cannot go away because you are lost and trapped into the path to Sapiens. A kind of Hotel California from the famous Eagles song:

You can check out any time you like,
But you can never leave!’

Sapiens however is more a NO Hotel from Gordon Lightfoot’s song:

Travelers come and travelers go
Down around the Hotel No
If you choose the No Hotel
Be prepared to run pell mell

So you can come and go, just it will be a bit confusing maybe.  And like I said . . .  Gem is a man of wisdom and of course cannot risk to confront all visitors with a failed wisdom, so you all can become an Avatarus Sapiens (a Homo Sapiens you already are I may hope).  To secure the ‘rite de passage’ to your new wisdom Gem  did not hide the solutions to find your way through his build. It does however mean you need your eyes, some sense, a reasonable amount of patience and of course time, but then you will be rewarded with being a genius to find your Sapiens  and who can resist that?  So, off you go to get lost!


Inside Sapiens

The build looks as if you are walking into a futuristic space station. A repetitive journey through walkways and tunnels with mesmerising perfection. But the clever walker will see essential details to know if a crossroad or junction has been walked before. The notecard describes it as such:

Limited universe, locked like a prison;

Maze of interconnected passages similar to a brain where the thoughts turn in a loop without any solution;

Structure with inhuman size where the visitors face indecision, loss of marks, solitude;

Twofold architecture, the only alternative of which is a second entangled labyrinth of empty spaces jammed with the vain traffic of an hectic anonymous fleet;



Overall, the installation contains 40 high-resolution fractal frames, each one made of 18 plates carefully joined. They approach 4 themes which mirror the characteristics of the hosting build, and try to emphasize them :

– technology

– maze

– darkness

– confinement

Spread here and there in the tunnels, they will be met all along the exploration. Some of them might be seen several times, others might never be found. But at the very end of the visit, a complete catalog would enable visitors to watch the missed ones.

How to visit Sapiens


– graphics: High or Ultra

– Advanced Lighting Model: On

– Windlight: Region default

– Particles; minimum 4000

– Draw distance: 500 m


Inside the  galleries:

– If you have time, walk or run, but do not fly.

– If you have less time, or if you are less patient, fly also, but without knocking your head against the lifts or the passageways.


Outside the galleries:

– Fly, otherwise you would fall down … Don’t be afraid of the blind shuttles, they are phantom

For more please read the notecard at the entrance.


Spoiler Alert

Only read this part if you do not like to find the way by yourself (LAZY BUM!!!) and actually proof to not be worth Sapiens. Yes you should sweat and battle, feel your brain at work and get into a state of ‘What the heck do I need to do now’! But ok, if you do not mind to bare the verdict of not being wise, be my spoiled guest and read on. At a certain level (I am not that stupid to tell you exactly WHERE) you can teleport to the heart of the SAPIENS installation. And in case you did not know yet, a heart does not have to be necessarily into the center of the build since prims are not human. Hope you are wise enough to not seek for blood or love either. When arriving at the heart of Sapiens  you will find which wisdom is needed to understand confusing problems. You need the right perspective. You walked in a too big space to get hold of the world around you. When seeing it all in perspective (helicopter view, taking a step back) many things in life often become much more clear because you do not feel lost in giant mind boggling issues, see all details merge into a coherent idea and can make sense again of what is going on.

Gem Preiz: as long as the visitors wander inside the galleries or even outside the galleries among the little bubbles, they could have the feeling of being lost because it’s hard to understand a world which is not at your scale

Gem Preiz: so becoming SAPIENS (the title of the exhibition) is just a metaphor for getting enough knowledge and understanding of the world to become capable of getting grasp on it.

That’s why at the heart of Sapiens you see back the cube you just got lost in. Just the cube is very tiny. You can look at it from the right perspective now and be your own hero of wisdom. Except the lazy bums who read this part of the blog before exploring themselves of course! They probably even cannot find the tiny cube as well. When too lazy to discover a big world, why bother to discover a small one.  Maybe Gem can make a refugee center for those visitors: the AVATARUS NON SAPIENS refugee center. With warning signs for the Avatarus Sapiens visitors: approach at own risk, infectious laziness and loss of sapiens when interacting. :)))


Where to find your Sapiens challenge?

I really like Sapiens, both for the concept of the build and the idea behind it. It has been built very well and a refreshingly different installation to puzzle your brain and give you a nice insight in how problems could be solved when you just take some time to get the best view and perspective. You can visit Sapiens at LEA 29 and as I understood Gem already started with a new installation as well at the same sim. Go grab your wisdom!

Get Lost:  LEA 29




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