About 99 Faces

It starts where it ends. Picture taken at MetaLes, sculpture by Romy Nayar

A new blog by Yoon, called 99 Faces

The 99 Faces blog is a blog like I used to do before on Rezatar with my former avatar. It will be about virtual things mainly, often mixed with personal thoughts and RL associations that match with the subject of a blog.



Just for fun I decided to use my full RL name and day of birth in an online numerology calculator. Number 99 came out as result. In  numerology however you always have to reduce double digits to one digit, so that would be a 9 in this case (9 + 9 = 18  and 1 + 8 = 9). I have no real believe in things like numerology and it’s a bit like horoscopes for me, only for a playful moment to see if it speaks to me.  And like with all horoscopes also these number stories sometimes seem to make sense and sometimes seem to be nonsense. Not going to debate that, for me it will stay a funny moment:   . . . . .  The ‘Oooooooh let’s see! ‘ moment.  Don’t ask me why (no idea why), but after calculating and reading I did create the title I use for this blog. It was clear I wanted something with 99  or 9 and after some puzzling and thinking it became 99 faces.  Just because the numbers were in my head at that very moment and because I like the number 99 in how it sounds and looks. How 9 or 99 I am does not matter really. I can be as much a  666 when I have a bad day, soooo . . .


Number 9

Positive Characteristics: 9s are helpful, compassionate, aristocratic, sophisticated, charitable, generous, humanitarian, romantic, cooperative, creative, self-sufficient, proud and self-sacrificing.

Negative Characteristics: 9s can end up being egocentric, arrogant, self-pitying, sentimental, discontent, fickle, cold or mentally unstable.


Number 99

Artistically a genius.
Stands for perfection, performance, evolution, progress. Sometimes restlessness, adventurous. The number 9 is visibility, self-knowledge, inner light, justice, fighting spirit, 9 = the Hermit.


Why Faces?

The reason I took FACES as second part of the title is less vague. There are 3:

  1. We all have many faces. Our real face often is hidden behind another face we prefer to show to the one we see and speak. Sometimes for a good reason, sometimes for a bad reason. This multiplefaceted thing makes us humans hard to understand, but also interesting, annoying, complex, funny, unpredictable, surprising, dangerous, flexible, loved, disliked, admired, rejected, etc etc etc.  In short: hardly anything we see is what it seems. But because we develop trust, friendships and love, we accept a lot of each other, also knowing everyone is alike in this multifaceted existence. Only when a face becomes too often an ugly one, losing the other face(s) that were more lovable, there will be trouble with possibly a bad end.  I find this a very interesting and dynamic phenomena in humans. How we cope, fail, succeed and develop an inner circle of faces we trust and like, despite knowing the ugly faces. The connections that never die or at least never forever die.  I think no one has one TRUE face by the way. That’s way too simplistic. It’s like with music, a true face: it contains various vibrations, sounds atmospheres.. Maybe we even don’t have a true face. Simply because we change during time, which adds elements or takes elements away from our original face. What happens to us, shows on our face and can leave marks for life. Someone can become totally unrecognisable because of a change in ourselves or in the other.
  2.  Another reason for FACES is because it is used in Second Life as well when editing a prim.
  3. The Second Life photography hype on Flickr consists of maybe 99 percent faces,  *selfies* .   People like to show faces of themselves for some reason. Not sure if that’s always an acceptable reason, but that’s another discussion. So, several faces on several levels of understanding and interacting, which make the title itself also a multifaceted thing.



Last but not least

The picture I use as header at this page is a picture I took just before I left SL for a few months. It is made at MetaLes and shows a sculpture of the super talented Romy Nayar. I chose this picture deliberately. For me something new always starts where something else ended. No ending exists without that. No better place in Second Life to start a new series of posts than MetaLes