99 Problems

Once your heart is bound you are ‘stuck’ in love


Problems again? Ninetynine even??

Holy shit Yoon, do you never stop creating or causing or receiving problems? Are you born  to BE a problem or make someone a problem? Are you in love with problems? Are they your daily addictive drugs to feel alive? Are you not happy without them? You grow and nurture them? You wish them to NEVER go away and dwell in it?

Hmm, no :)
It’s not like a problem problem. It is a complexity of new things and new feelings putting me and DD in a transformation we both want (as in no better alternative available). A kind of yes we love each other till we die (wow romantic!) but we also want to make it work in a way we don’t get stuck in trying to force the impossible making one of us or both of us run into a  brick wall, crisis or worse. Love via Second Life always is complex in itself already due to the virtual aspect being limited. RL attachments and dedications, responsibilities, time zone differences etc etc. always challenge it.

So how to prevent 99 problems for Miss 99 Faces and mr Major Dom from space. I guess there are 99 solutions to think of if I try my best, but we chose one and now are in the process of transformation I mentioned. Without too much details, because I cannot and do not want to expose every single detail of our relation like a cheap tabloid story and because it involves more people than just us. Major Dom is ok I write of us, otherwise I would not of course. No one ever would dare to date/relate with me anymore in case that would become one of the solutions one day :)



Fine, but now tell us what the heck you are trying to explain

Well in short we tightened and loosened the leash between us. The mental tie we have, the bond which started to grow around november 2017 already after a first talk and meet, feels like unbreakable at the moment. I know when counting the breaks it does not give that impression at all but let’s call that the love and hate magic. The tightening can be seen as the result of a long period of love (and ‘hate’ ) we now have. Like in RL people attach deeper as well when they stick together. The loosening of our relation can be seen in other things:

  1. No official partnering anymore in our profiles (even if that is often a symbolic act, it also means less expectations and less heavy drama when there is need for a break).
  2. Letting go of each other as totally exclusive partners. Yes you read that well and yes that means we CAN be spotted with someone else as well.  How far that will go, the being with someone else is none of your business, but rest assured we talked this  through thoroughly and are not cheating on each other if you see other faces than mine or DD.  We have a very good reason to do it this way now, but we admit it is not easy and takes a lot of talking and trust. We are good at that and if we make a mess anyhow again we will adjust things if needed. Love on a bumpy road but also a road we need to go now.
  3. We have reached a point of no return in knowing we just do not want to lose each other. We tried several times and it is just impossible. So whatever happens, breaks and battles and tensions and challenges, we will keep returning to each other. Superglue! This means we at least always will stay friends or friends with benefits, even when relating would become too complex due to too disturbing new developments. Like I also have with some here in Second Life for other reasons of compatibility. Sometimes you just know you never will lose touch and share feelings of love or in love that create an unbreakable bond.


99 Problems


Today I danced on a song called 99 problems from Hugo. He sings of someone having girl problems. He also says to have 99 problems himself but a girl problem not being one of  them. Having THAT, a girl problem (a love problem) is reason to pity someone, and the 99 other problems are a piece of cake compared to that. It can be like that yes. Love issues affect all. We have been there and done that several times and should be able to stay out of big troubles now, but ok we will see. All I say is what Hugo sings. Love problems are serious shit and need good attention and care. I think we did that well together and now move on in a new way with some changes and transformations. Yes it sounds all too good to be true and maybe it is, but we think not. So we just do as we feel.

In case you gossiped already   . . .  be our honored guest :)  It shows we apparently mean something to you^^
P.S.  The picture I used originates from a Rebeca Bashly exhibition in 2016 – Queen’s gambit declined





If you havin’ girl problems I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems, and a bitch ain’t one
Tip my hat to the sun in the West
Feel the beat right in my chest
At the cross roads a second time
Make the devil change his mind
It’s a pound of flesh but it’s really a ton
99 problems and a bitch ain’t one
If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for your son
I got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one
99 Problems
But a bitch ain’t one
Like broken glass under my feet
I can lose my mind in this heat
Lookin’ for the prize but I don’t want blood
Oh I won’t drink then I drink the flood
Well you can come inside but your friends can’t come
99 Problems and a bitch ain’t one
If you havin’ girl problems I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one
I got 99
99 Problems
But a bitch ain’t one
99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one

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